Cryptozoologists can’t decide if werewolves are canine, bigfoot, or aliens. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the easiest.

werewolves in cryptozoologyCryptozoologists (people that study creatures of folklore and legend) have a few theories on how werewolves could be possible and explainable. The main theories proposed by these academics generally deny the possibility that there is actually a “physical” component of werewolf transformation, but instead focus on the theory that there are other more logical explanations for the existence of the werewolf including:

1. Rare Species of Canine – One very controversial theory posited by cryptozoologists is that werewolves do not actually physically shapeshift, but instead are actually a rare unknown species of dog that has adapted over time to walk on two legs. This creature has the characteristics of both human and dog, resembling a human-dog hybrid.

2. Type of undiscovered primate like bigfoot / sasquatch – Another theory put forth by cryptozoology is that werewolves are not canine hybrids, but actually a type of “bigfoot” creature (an ape-human hybrid). (With a DNA difference of approximately 3.1% between humans and apes, many find the theory of the bigfoot much more plausible than that of the werewolf.)

3. Extraterrestrial or Parallel Dimension origins – This theory is less widely championed by most cryptozoologists.

But if cryptzoologists don’t think humans can transform, can it be possible?
What is a cryptozoologist?
What the cryptozoologists and other humans fail to recognize is that there are many animals and insects that transform in various ways, so the idea that humans could transform is not as far-fetched as some might think. For example, there is a creature that goes from being a leaf-dwelling flightless creature, to growing antenna and wings and flying away (butterflies!), there are creatures that change their skin color within seconds (chameleons!), and there are creatures that can spontaneously change from being male to being female (reed frogs)! Given all this, once you think about it, the idea of a human transformation might not be as inconceivable as one might at first think.



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