Is there a cure for werewolves?  There are some that say that the only cure to being a werewolf is death.  Of course, this is a 100% for sure cure. But if you’re a werewolf and you die, your human part also dies. So while this is a cure, it is not a cure any person who wants to be human again would choose.  Historians also talk about other less extreme cures for werewolves….one that I’ve read is that if someone calls you by your birth name while you’re a werewolf, this is a cure. I don’t believe though that it is a permanent cure..I think you will temporarily think like a human while in werewolf form, but the effects are only temporary, do not cause you to transform back into human form, and will not cure you.  There is another belief that if you strike a werewolf on the forehead with a knife 3 times it will be cured.  This cure however seems rather dangerous to enact, and to me seems rather far-fetched. I’ve also read that rolling in dew or plunging in water are cures (these also do not seem like they would work to me, but seem rather easy to try).  The final solution I’ve read for werewolves that seems like it might work is a recipe for a solution that you would make and sprinkle on the werewolf while in werewolf form. Some of the ingredients are hard to find though.

Of course, there are many that say that there is no cure at all to being a werewolf.