Cures for Werewolves

Is there a cure for werewolves?  There are some that say that the only cure to being a werewolf is death.  Of course, this is a 100% for sure cure. But if you’re a werewolf and you die, your human part also dies. So while this is a cure, it is not a cure any person who wants to be human again would choose.  Historians also talk about other less extreme cures for werewolves….one that I’ve read is that if someone calls you by your birth name while you’re a werewolf, this is a cure. I don’t believe though that it is a permanent cure..I think you will temporarily think like a human while in werewolf form, but the effects are only temporary, do not cause you to transform back into human form, and will not cure you.  There is another belief that if you strike a werewolf on the forehead with a knife 3 times it will be cured.  This cure however seems rather dangerous to enact, and to me seems rather far-fetched. I’ve also read that rolling in dew or plunging in water are cures (these also do not seem like they would work to me, but seem rather easy to try).  The final solution I’ve read for werewolves that seems like it might work is a recipe for a solution that you would make and sprinkle on the werewolf while in werewolf form. Some of the ingredients are hard to find though.

Of course, there are many that say that there is no cure at all to being a werewolf.



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81 Responses

  1. zxv says:

    what do you do if there demon hunters round

  2. Shadow Hunter says:

    There’s such thing as those? Well, okayyyy…

  3. jason says:

    What about killing your maker while transformed?

  4. werewolfdex19 says:

    say what?

  5. Jon Doe says:

    I need to know how to stop my unborn nephew to gain my families blood-line in hoping you share this same genetics as I, Understand I dont see it as a curse but so far every new born child in my family with out fail has gained our so called “genetics” but have heard and one’ve my family members have seen it with his own eyes, It being “cured” before a Birth can takes place. I know it can be done and you obviously are or know of our type, Im not ashamed but the animal instinct takes over any chance to have a normal happy life and need this for him,You dont know what thismeans to me and my sister please let me know how it can be done,Thank you
    Jon Doe…
    “Dark-Link” 😉

  6. ILiekPizza says:

    Thin out your bloodline with humans. Eventually it will stop.

    Other than that, there is no way to prevent this.

  7. ILiekPizza says:

    @Jon Doe: I would know your concern. I’ve been planning my future child’s birth for a while and I personally don’t want my son/daughter to have to deal with being a werewolf as they grow up. I had to do by myself as I grew up and that in itself ravaged my nerves.

    I dont want that for my (future) kids.

  8. Jana says:

    I need a recipe for a potion, not the stupid, rad and insane stuff you wrote!

  9. Madd Dogg says:

    You peoples are weird

  10. Amanda says:

    well for a cure i don’t want to die as a werewolf or a human i need a cure that would at least work for a week or a day

  11. Mary says:

    I heard that taking pills with silver in them can keep you from shifting. But, from what i know, silver can kill us. It is supposed to burn our skin whenever we touch it but it does not. It just feels really really really cold.

  12. nightwolf says:

    there is no cure….your either born or not end of story if you are the best chance you got is to learn control…not cure it….sorry but future kids have a 50/50 chance if you dont have it with another werewolf…if it is then its a 99.9% chance of being a werewolf…sorry but thoes are the statistics personally if my future kid becomes a werewolf i’d use that to get some bonding time with him or her…show em the ropes and that its not as bad as you might think

  13. Mary says:

    I don’t know. I have been asking around my old territory and there has been some sort of med or poison that kills the beast blood or something. leaving only your human blood. I just hope that its real so that i could try to get my hands on it. The last cure i tried only left me human for a short time but sadly i suffered a relapse.

  14. Mary says:

    Wait you mean IT like the S word? So if i manage to get that girl. And if by some insane amount of luck we get married. If i have IT with her she’ll become like me?

  15. Holley says:

    @Mary: thats just a myth and all metals are cold… im just allergic to silver because of something in it and my skin is sensitive to that

  16. ineedsomeavice says:

    Okay… that knife-thing is the craziest cure yet. Do I also happen to be the only human whpo has replied to this, or are there other humans?

  17. Hailey says:

    I don’t understand why would anyone want to get ride of a werewolf curse?!?? I love being a werewolf! I was born one not curse but ill never give up my GIFT

  18. James says:

    @ineedsomeavice: I dont know, theres also another one that says that scolding a werewolf will cure it! And THAT is pretty stupid thing to do. Anyone who scolds me like a dog would get hemselves killed, not in a very pretty way either 😛

  19. James says:

    @Hailey: Belieive me its harder when your bitten

  20. Smith says:

    Werewolves aren’t real and because they aren’t real there is no need for people to argue over a cure that doesn’t exist. If werewolves did exist they would have already found a cure and the amount of werewolves would decrease so much they would go extinct.

    • Sam says:

      Why would you want us dead?

    • KitchiVulpes (Lupe) says:

      @Sam I doubt you understand what a werecreature is.

      @Smith you too. However, I see logic, and a lack of logic. Just because we haven’t found a cure, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Also, that last part is likely not even relevant to the truth, because werewolves would moreof live among us, and we wouldn’t even know they were unless they told us. Werewolves, and werecreatures in general are very similar to humans, but are.. well different. I doubt there is a cure anyways, but even if it was, I wouldn’t even want to be cured of myself, because if I were a werefox, or Kitsune (just another term to call it) I wouldn’t want a cure even if there was one, because this is who I am, and I’ve already come in terms with accepting myself lol

  21. Jane Doe says:

    @Jon Doe
    Don’t worry about your young nephew being a werewolf. Yes, he will have the gene but, it will only be activated if he kills someone so, I wouldn’t be worried.

  22. Lone Wolf says:

    People think I’m a ware wolf so do i. I keep waking up outside evry full moon and when there’s a full moon I don’t have dreams. Is there a good actually cure.

  23. Caca says:

    Find what your life curse is. What curse runs In your family that fuels rage and hinders love. Then through god destroy the curse with love.
    Then you will no longer be a slave to your own demons. One of your ancestors made a bad mistake that curses your bloodline to repeat the cycle until you learn from the mistake. Identify conquer and defeat and be better.(grow) deadly sins make us slaves to our beast, flesh and primal instincts. Start with that. Spirit governs flesh not the other way around.

  24. aubrey says:

    My name is aubrey and i am 5 days into the tranfermation i have discovered a real cure a flower but the flower is very rare plz keep your eye open for a blue sunflower like flower

  25. destiny says:

    we need to watch out theirs to manyhunters

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