“The Werewolf Curse”

The werewolf or Lycanthrope is often referred to as the cursed, mainly because of the odd curse or affliction that the human is a part of, but not all refer to lycanthropy or being a werewolf as a curse. Many feel that the curse is rather an advantage to being human or even a positive trait that one seeks to acquire throughout their lifetime. Many find that the affliction has them confused or puzzled about the human side of the werewolf, feeling more normal as werewolf than as a human.

To those that love werewolves understand that it is not a curse but still would rather not live with the so called disease and so these people seek a cure. They seek a cure for what they believe to be an evil trait, a disease, an abnormality of the human condition.

But some believe that being a werewolf is just lore, or folktales, myths passed down from generations which contrary to what some believe did not originate from an American werewolf. The stories, history, and tales of the werewolf begin in Europe hundreds of years ago.

What you will find below is a compiled ongoing lists of the discussions and information we have all about the werewolf and the topic of “the curse.”  The list includes both the positive sides and the negative sides of what we believe to be important topics for anyone and all who believe in or believe to be a werewolf.

Becoming A Werewolf

Lycanthropy:  a clinical mental disorder where people believe that they are a wolf (or some other animal), and that they actually turn into a wolf. This is an article of the particular disorder.

Fighting a transformation: Should you restrain your natural instinct to shift?

Control the werewolf: You can create your own control over the imminent shift.

When a werewolf transforms is it painful?: Pain is one of the biggest concerns when shifting.

The Human Owns Werewolf: The human is just as evil as the werewolf.

Can werewolves see behind themselves?: Like an Owl… can a werewolf see the enemy coming up from behind?

Werewolves are numb: lycanthropic, numb.

Werewolves and fire: If you are a werewolf should you be afraid of fire?

Werewolves and the cross: What kind of power does a werewolf have against The religious Cross?

Nocturnal: “Am I a werewolf?” Being nocturnal might be a sign that you are a werewolf.

Mercy: Believe in mercy.

Peter Stubbe’s magic belt: Magic belt for transforming

Peter Stubbe’s trial: First documented case of werewolf conviction.

The belt method: Transformation using a belt

Killing a werewolf: How to kill a werewolf

Werewolves love being werewolves 2: Try to understand why a wolf loves being a wolf.

Howling at the moon: Why do wolves howl at the moon?

Holy Water: Does holy water slow down a werewolf?

Werewolf and water: Cats don’t really like the water, werewolves might though.

3 steps for self control: 3 steps of self control for werewolves

Werewolf Maxims: A few basics rules, guidelines, or principles that werewolves should follow. If you run with werewolves you need these rules.

Lost Packs: Humans and the werewolf have to make decisions about being in packs or being alone. What are the benefits of finding a pack? What are the drawbacks? What is it like to be a lone wolf?

Werewolves Online: The werewolf has a major online presence which most of the time goes unnoticed. The internet is often an integral part of being a modern werewolf if you know how to carefully manage your image.

Crying wolf: The popular catch phrase pinned to the wolf image. Does the werewolf ever cry wolf? How does the werewolf deal with himself if he/she can’t accomplish a task single handedly.

How to change: There is the physical metamorphosis of the Lycan, then there is the mental and social changes that the cursed has to make.

Transformation manipulation: The clarity of your mind while shifting.

Werewolves and Christmas: Werewolves and their presence and representation during Christmas.

Werewolf population: The topic of the werewolf and their population size and the soon to come apocalypse… ok, not so much the apocalypse part…

The werewolf image: Ohh yes, the werewolf has an image to keep too… silly human 😉  this is not werewolf image art.

Eyes of a werewolf: How to tell if your friend is a werewolf? Recognition of the lycan through the eyes.

Werewolves against vampires: Who thinks that all the werewolves are against vampires? Lets talk…

Werewolves music: The werewolf is cultured too! How does music affect the werewolf? Also discussed is what type of music is best for the werewolf.

Pretending to fit in: Humans often struggle with trying to fit into the right type of crowd, this is a struggle that werewolves share.

Werewolf Journal: Simply put. All werewolves should write about their lives, record it, you are unique.

Werewolf Snarl: Rawr! ahem… werewolves snarl…

Werewolf elders: Yes. You can find a werewolf elder, someone who can teach you the possibilities of of your life and what you have in store and that will make you part of a family or pack.

Werewolf cannibalism: How dare you say that the werewolf is a cannibal! Let’s clear the air about this werewolf fictive story.

Werewolves temperament: Some people say that the werewolf has a bad temper, some even make movies about it.

Naturally born werewolves: Sometimes a werewolf can become a werewolf in the most pure manner.

Werewolf relax on Halloween: The one day out of the year when werewolves can rest easy.

Scary werewolf image: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… look past what they have told you about the werewolf.

Werewolf as a werewolf is taboo: People dress up as werewolves for Halloween, if a werewolf did it… umm….

Calming the werewolf: Once the transformation happens you do have options on how to calm the werewolf’s inner emotions.

Identify werewolf prints and tracks: This may come in handy someday, an identification guide of tracks of the wolf.

When werewolves die: The process of what happens when a “cursed” person dies.

How to kill a werewolf: Ok, so we don’t want to harm any werewolf, but history has a some long established methods on how to kill a werewolf.

Where a werewolf transformation begins: Discussion on the physical process that occurs during the transformation of a werewolf. Your input is needed! go go go… comment!

Being Misunderstood: The werewolf can be easily misunderstood by all others, but how do you know when you are being misunderstood? Here is some help on what it takes for werewolves to get past common misunderstanding in life.

Werewolves are evil, soul unknown: Discussion and rationalization on why werewolves can be evil and if they really are.

Werewolves have a soul?: This is a very debated upon werewolf topic, Does the werewolf have a soul?

Werewolves and hundreds of people: The world changes so fast, we must adapt.

Seeing is believing: To see is to believe.

Where the werewolf transformation begins: The transformation of a wolf has to begin at a certain point of the body.

Evil possession cause the werewolves to transform?: The topic of if the werewolf is possessed or infected.

Werewolf transformation: Further discussion on the manner in which the werewolf transform, by infection or possession.

Werewolf transformation continues: The debate of the metamorphosis of the wolf continues. Join the discussion.

Werewolf is an animal not a monster: What do you think? Is a werewolf an animal or a monster? Let’s define monster first.

Werewolf trick: Monster? Animal? Soul? No soul? This is getting deeeep.

Are werewolves loners or come in packs and colonies?: Into what form exactly do werewolves transform into? Are they human-wolf hybrids?

Are werewolves real?: Simple enough question. Some think the werewolf is real, some think that the wolf is not real, maybe we can find proof of a real werewolf.

Werewolves are alpha males: All werewolves cannot be alpha males or else there is no order, thats not what this article says about the wolf.

Where do werewolves live?: I wonder if the werewolf lives in the wild, in a cave, in a den, in a house, or in a mansion. Where does the wolf live?

Why do werewolves eat live victims?: I guess this depends on your train of thought about werewolves. If you are speaking about traditional folklore werewolves then they possibly eat live victims.

Werewolf fact or fiction: werewolf senses: Humans see in with color vision, it is debated upon if many other animals see in color or black and white. Does the werewolf have color vision? Is this a special power that only the werewolf has and not the wolf?

Werewolf myth: Transformation upon meditation: This is another big topic of abilities debated upon by the werewolf community. Most modern werewolf packs believe that it is possible to transform or shift into a werewolf with proper meditation training.

How to love a werewolf: This is the question of evil, love, and family. Can the werewolf somehow love another, and can the wolf fall in love. Can you love evil? This about werewolves in love.

Does a werewolf remember?: You know in a werewolf movie when the lycan wakes up the morning after his metamorphosis the werewolf seems to forget the night before. Is this accurate? Does the werewolf forget everything about his night as a wolf?

Werewolf sightings: To find werewolves might be hard to do for alot of humans, but all werewolves have places they go or have been heard to go… you just have to find those places to find the wolf.

How werewolves move: Shapeshifters are know for their animal like characteristics and traits, how do the lycans move though, physically speaking.

Wolf Moon: Originally spread through Native American folklore, the Wolf Moon.

werewolf romance: Read about werewolf love, werewolf romance, and how it can be achieved between humans and werewolves.

If a werewolf is chasing you: So, if you are being chased by a Lycanthrope what are you options? Do you even know your survival strategy?

Cures for werewolves: Many cursed ones seek cures for their affliction, others are humans trying to discover the secrets of the myth.

If you follow beware: We can be cursed or cured together.

Am I a werewolf?: Are werewolves real? And if they are how do you know if you are a werewolf?

Werewolves roam at night: The Lycanthrope does have the ability to transform during the day light, contrary to what the movies tell you.

Does a werewolf how attract wolves: The howl of the wolf is a tool for communication to attract others. Who are the ones being communicated to?

Can a werewolf climb a tree? Cats can climb trees, but do werewolves have the ability or power to climb trees?

The trick of the werewolf: The lycan and the secret that may be kept away from the human.

Trust: It is hard to know if you can trust anybody with your deepest secrets.

My friend is your friend: Deceit just might be your biggest enemy in life.

Evil werewolves love humans: The debate if the werewolf is evil or not still lingers, but not matter what happens, most lycanthropes love humans.

Werewolves and vampires as friends: The history of how territory plays a role in the vampire werewolf dispute.

The werewolf vs the dog: Movies stereotype the werewolf in every film. Are dogs really afraid of transformed werewolves?

Busy werewolves: So much to do in a lycanthrope’s world.

learning: How werewolves learn from the world around them.

Werewolf vs Vampire: The pros and cons of both sides.

Basics on being a werewolf: What does it mean to be a wolf and how should you handle it?

What do werewolves do?: Humans do not understand that werewolves are humans too and that they in search of a deeper meaning to this world.

Werewolf wolf sayings proverb: Some interesting quotes and sayings that are wolf related might help some werewolves out if needing inspiration.

Do all werewolves howl?: The answer to if all werewolves howl or not.

Werewolf mind wanders: The mind of the werewolf has a tendency to stray away from the normal thought process, try to stay focused…

Lunar Behavior: Real effects the full moon, and the moon cycle has on people.

Should you believe in werewolves?: Answer this question.

Werewolf bite: What should you do if you get bit by a werewolf? Some steps to take.

What to call a real werewolf: What term do werewolves prefer to go by and why do some wolves prefer one name over another.

What to do during a full moon: These aren’t dinner plans… these are some suggestions in case you have trouble with your self control.

Full Moon

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