I’ve talked before about the half werewolf, and would like to talk about another half creature called the Dhampir, which is a half vampire.  The Dhampir is the resulting child from the union of a vampire  and a human.  Traditionally the vampire is the father.

The Dhampir originates back to gypsy folklore, in particular the legends in Eastern Europe.  The myths say that the dhampir had “special” powers, with the main power being, as noted in multiple legends, the ability of the dhampir to detect vampires.  Because of this supposed ability, dhampirs are said to be excellent at hunting vampires, and are often hired by humans to do so.  The dhampir does not typically have any special loyalty to either vampires or humans, as they are neither, and are often rejected by both – humans are too scared of the dhampir for it’s vampire origins, and vampires dislike the dhampir for its human origins.  Dhampirs therefore often lead a lonely existence, having few friends.

There is a mixture of opinion as to whether or not the dhampir drinks blood…some say it does not, some say that it does, and some say the most likely scenario is that they drinks animal blood.  One of the more famous movie-versions of a dhampir is Blade – a half vampire half human vampire hunter;  in the movie however Blade is never referred to as a dhampir, but rather sometimes as a “daywalker”.

What is a werewolf hunter?