I’ve talked before about the half werewolf, and would like to talk about another half creature called the Dhampir, which is a half vampire.  The Dhampir is the resulting child from the union of a vampire  and a human.  Traditionally the vampire is the father.

The Dhampir originates back to gypsy folklore, in particular the legends in Eastern Europe.  The myths say that the dhampir had “special” powers, with the main power being, as noted in multiple legends, the ability of the dhampir to detect vampires.  Because of this supposed ability, dhampirs are said to be excellent at hunting vampires, and are often hired by humans to do so.  The dhampir does not typically have any special loyalty to either vampires or humans, as they are neither, and are often rejected by both – humans are too scared of the dhampir for it’s vampire origins, and vampires dislike the dhampir for its human origins.  Dhampirs therefore often lead a lonely existence, having few friends.

There is a mixture of opinion as to whether or not the dhampir drinks blood…some say it does not, some say that it does, and some say the most likely scenario is that they drinks animal blood.  One of the more famous movie-versions of a dhampir is Blade – a half vampire half human vampire hunter;  in the movie however Blade is never referred to as a dhampir, but rather sometimes as a “daywalker”.

What is a werewolf hunter?



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133 Responses

  1. and mayby i had have my share of love but i know that i will be a lonley lovesses vampier

  2. well if you guys have enething to say right back to me

  3. DaRk says:

    I am a 13 year old wolven.. not werewolf. I have found love.

  4. Vampire Lucinda says:

    Hello again Michael I was very pleased to see that you wrote back to me and I can only sympathize with you in the fact that you can not find love. My daughter Amalia is the same way. She found love in a boy named Edmund but he was killed one year ago by a wicked Vampire hunter. They were together for over three hundred years and she is very heart broken over the whole thing. I am hoping she is going to get over it. And as they say time heals all wounds and as you know we have all the time in the world because we can never die. My daughter is around your age now and I think it would be wonderful if you two were to meet someday and maybe you can replace Edmund as the love in her life and then maybe she can finally be happy again. It has been too long since she has blessed us with her smile. Maybe you two can help each other in your never ending quest for love and companionship.

  5. and when i say i love diffrent peolpe i mean it

  6. and ill be hanging out with my cuvedent

  7. and i joust wont to what till someone who wonts me and someone who needs me and triy to stop me form drinking humen blood

  8. and iam triying out for a sport this year and its vollybooll

  9. and then at the end of the years my hole in tirer cvednet family are coming over

  10. but yah so what is up with you dark

  11. and i think the wicked vimpier that your dougters bf i think i no him

  12. and you can call me edword

  13. and like him i am more cool

  14. well you can right me back

  15. and and thers nuthing i can do about it

  16. you can like it or hayit i really dont care

  17. and ill be sleeping when i get home today

  18. and is you wont to leave me a messigge joust right to me okey

  19. wll this is me saying by so ill talk to you tommrow areverdrnchy

  20. DaRk says:

    Wow.. Your both living lies.. No one is inmortal.

  21. zach says:

    ok twighlit is r* ober patterson can suck a d* i hate it when pppl se that movie and want to be a werewolf or vamp if you see that movie and want to be one of us GO SOMEWERE ELSE!!!

  22. what ever but i do have a girl frieand she dosent care if iam a vampier

  23. and now why do you say that

  24. NaTiVe DaRk WoLf TaYlOr says:

    all will die in the end… its sad but true…

  25. zachso what if iam a vampier who cares and further more why are you telling me to go somewere eles if your on this websiti have anuf droma going on my life and i dont need you to make it wores

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