Did you see the Supermoon?

Yes, I said SUPERmooN! Tonight is a supermoon because the moon will be at the fullest and brightest point of the year!  They say that the time to get the best sighting is when the moon is on the horizon as that is when it appears at its biggest.  If however you missed it earlier tonight, you can still get a pretty good show if you see it hanging up high in the night sky as it will appear larger than any other time this year.  Interestingly, this year’s supermoon does not appear as large as last year’s supermoon – last year’s moon was in fact closer to the earth than this year’s moon.

The moon tonight is however, still undeniably impressive – it is impossible to ignore, a huge globe in the sky that has a strange yellowish tint to it, and when I looked up at it – also had a hazy aura of clouds around it, making it appear more like something out of a painting than an actual astronomical object.  If you have not had a chance to go out and take a look at it, make some time! You won’t regret it! 🙂

But take note, werewolves should take extra heed tonight as humans will be out wandering in places you might not normally see them – taking romantic strolls to see the moon, out in the country away from city lights trying to see the sky, and staying up late in their backyards.  This is one of the few nights that you might have to compete with humans for the moon’s attention. 🙂



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  1. loopeen says:

    Unfortunately, the moon (and the sun!) was hiding behind clouds!
    It’s been raining for whole night (and day) 🙁

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