Bridge human-werewolf divide

Werewolf 967 –
In your last post, you indicate that werewolves will be torn between the world of werewolves and humans – this is true! But how to bridge that divide is the question? I think the longer one is a werewolf, the more they become connected with that particular side, and the harder and harder it comes to be connected with humans….it’s not just that it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be human, but also the problem is that humans are the source of all kinds of problems for the werewolf…and the longer one is a werewolf, the harder it becomes to bridge that divide, no matter how much they may initially want to….



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213 Responses

  1. Argentus Aureas says:

    stoping vampires and wolves is an issue that i too am facing. I am trying to bring the races together, or at least form peaceful relations between them.
    Not an easy task by any means.

  2. Argentus Aureas says:

    the reason i am asking is that your scent seems innately familiar…………
    its wierd..

  3. AlphaWolfLeah says:

    well alyssa and i heard a howl while we were outside staring at the moon last night….was tht you?

  4. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    wait do we also stop other wolves from abusing their power? wait how long have u known tht u were a wolf?

  5. Argentus Aureas says:

    doubt it.
    but i must go. i sincerly hope we meet again.

  6. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    ya maybe it was

  7. Argentus Aureas says:

    4 months

  8. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    o ok bye thx for the help

  9. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    wow 2 weeks for us

  10. AlphaWolfLeah says:

    well tomorrow 2 weeks

  11. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    same ole lets talk on aim leah

  12. AlphaWolfLeah says:

    ello suki

  13. AlphaWolfLeah says:

    i was wondering are you a wolf like alyssa, agentus, and i, or a vamp like alice? or a human

  14. Suki says:

    im a kitsune sorry i took so long to answer i was updating my sight vidios

  15. AlphaWolfLeah says:

    oh its okay, thts cool

  16. Hachina says:

    Also, that Argentus is stealing the real one’s name…

  17. Hachina says:

    He might be, tho. Idunno. He talk like the real one.. XP

  18. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    Hey anyone here?

  19. Angel Wolf says:

    hachina what have you done to me? i can’t stop the blood from spilling, i have to kill kill kill! human’s are running! what have you done

  20. Hachina says:

    It was your test… I couldn’t do anything… I’m really sorry… If I could, I would try my best to get you out of that horrible mess… Honest…

  21. lee ann says:


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