Do all werewolves howl?

Whether or not a werewolf howls says alot about what kind of human and werewolf they are.

Werewolves that Howl
Werewolves that howl lean much more towards the animal side of their character. They prefer to be the “werewolf” instead of a human, and give themselves wholly up during transformation. They prefer to be in the werewolf state, and when they are in a werewolf state, they are strong and in control. They use the howl as reinforcement of these feelings. As a human, this type of werewolf has similar traits – they are typically outgoing, and often like to be in the center of the action. They know who they are and typically also know what they want.

Werewolves that do not Howl
Werewolves that do not howl lean more towards the human side of their character. Sometimes, what is causing the werewolf not to howl is that he/she is still resisting being a werewolf. They do not give themselves completely over during a transformation and may not be completely comfortable with the fact that they are werewolves. Another thing that can prevent a werewolf from howling is having a reserved personality. A werewolf that is shyer, quieter, or less social is less likely to howl. By their very nature they are more reserved and less likely to have the spontaneous nature that howling usually requires. Finally, one of the most common things that prevents a werewolf from howling, is having a cautious personality. This type of personality is actually quite good for werewolves, as it serves to protect the werewolf from being acknowledged or noticed by humans.



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15 Responses

  1. pklett92 says:

    This is a very good point that the virtue, and personality play a very big roll in a werewolves life. When watching the new 2010 wolfman it gave me thrill to here the wolf howl when he was done shifting. O wolfs howl is most reasonably a way to communicate, and show possession of territory, or to show dominance. The same goes for a werewolf. when he/she howls it shows that he/she is comfortable with his/her shape, and that he/she accepts the power, and ability that has been given to them by the goddess Morrigu. Though she is one of the deities who grants shape shifting ability, there are also other Gods from different religions that serve the same purpose.

    I shiat you not

    Dark blessings

  2. jo says:

    whoa… well… id always was interested in the sun and the moon only and in greek mythology( which i dont know whether real, or not) i only three. apollo, artemis and athena. but dont know if they are real but i like them as models much. lol!

  3. jo says:

    role models* XD

  4. V盲rl么c says:

    Nice…..I’m into Greek mythology as well. 馃榾

  5. I am not gonna lie. I howl a lot it just makes me feel more complete. I cannot live without at least howling once a day. That is just me though.

  6. V盲rl么c says:

    I have a new website! click on my link.

  7. pklett92 says:

    living the dream Howard.

  8. Howling shows what you’re feeling. It shows that you are letting the wolf in you out. That you’re comfortable. There are 8 types of howls.

    Love-love howls start with a few yips as in “igniting the spark.” And are soft, they corrupt the energy around you into love. They are very long and hardly shift in tone and pitch.

    Revenge-these start with a low growl and are soft at first but get louder. These change tone and pitch a lot.

    Sorrow-sorrow howls are just a howl they are deep and change tone a lot of the time. They end with a little whine and are usually louder in the middle and build down.

    Happiness-these start with yips and barks and are loud and high pitch. They usually build up at the end and are softer in the middle.

    Loss-a loss howl is low and it is more like the “awwoo, aw aw awwoooo” howling the movies show.

    Experience-experience howls are medium and hardly shift in pitch. They yip in the middle alot and bark at the end of the howl.

    Anger-this begins with a snarl and builds up to full power. It changes frequently used is deep.

    Victory-(my favourite) these start out with barks and are like a happiness and experience howl mixed. This is a loud and deep howl

  9. WolfLess says:

    I am a real wolf and I have proof so but I will never admit.

  10. ArgentineBlood says:

    Well… truth to be told is that if a LONE werewolf howls, it i either looking for a mate (Partner) or is trying to get in touch with any Pack around. On the other hand, if a PACK howls, it is marking territory, hunting or comunicating with other members.

  11. Chris says:

    Hey does anyone here live in Oklahoma

  12. Chris says:

    I’m looking for a pack here

  13. Celi says:

    Maybe howling can help make inexperienced werewolves shift?

    I once had a vivid dream about being a werewolf…
    In the beginning I got out of bed and then heard a wolf howl, then I had the uncontrollable urge to howl (I tried to resist out of confusion but it didn鈥檛 work) and then I 鈥渟tretched鈥 (not physically…. like spiritually stretching?) and became a wolf (the two werewolves who greeted me looked kind of like wolves with husky patterns ).

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