Do baby vampires look like baby bats?

When a vampire is born does it look like a bat or like a human baby?

Since there are two types of vampires, each type must be looked at individually. The first type of vampire is the vampire that became a vampire later in life by being bitten by another vampire. The answer for these types of vampires is very clear – they were born as human babies! (They then later in life became vampires).

vampire baby bats

The other type of vampire is the type that has been a vampire since birth. If these individuals were vampires since birth, does that mean they were born as bats? Or something bat-like? To begin with, whether or not these types of vampires even exist is controversial. There are some that say that adult vampires cannot – and are unable to – give birth and therefore cannot have “baby” vampires. There is however another line of thinking that says that yes, in some cases adult vampires can have babies. The vampire-baby-birth controversy has many proponents and arguments on both sides that are better discussed in a different article.

For our purposes here, let’s assume that vampires can indeed give birth and have babies. If this is the case – will they emerge as baby humans or baby bats? It’s worth noting that the idea that vampires can transform/have an alternate corporeal form as a bat is an idea that dates back to the most ancient mythologies and legends of vampires. In more recent times, the idea of vampires and bats being related in any form has for the most part been thrown out the window. Some think that the association between vampires and bats has been discarded because there is a desire to “humanize” vampires. By associating vampires with bats, they become less human, less identifiable, and altogether less romantic. Some believe that if this is true, then there indeed may still be an association between bats and vampires – especially in the oldest and most ancient of vampires.

So, given that this is true, it is perhaps more likely that vampires would be born as humans rather than as bats. Various legends and myths tend to draw on the idea that becoming a bat is a skill that vampires eventually develop. Most legends hint at a vampire’s lost-human-ness, not at a vampire’s lost bat-ness. It is therefore more likely than not that were a vampire able to be born as one, it would be born as a human baby. That does not however preclude the idea that a baby could develop the shape-shifting ability at a prenatal stage and consequently be born as a bat!



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