DO NOT make these New Year’s Resolutions!

The new year is coming and everyone has a New Year’s resolution they’re set on making – but there are some that werewolves just should not make!

#1.  Go on a Diet
This resolution is an old and tired one that most werewolves will not be able to stick to. Werewolves enjoy eating. They don’t eat to excess, but they also don’t starve themselves on bits and pieces of lettuce. Instead of making a resolution to go on a diet, make a resolution to be more active!

#2. Exercise more
This is another resolution that will fit with most humans, but that is really redundant for the werewolf. Werewolves love to be outside – and they get plenty of exercise when they are outside. The issue is that they are often not given enough opportunity to do so! Instead of making a resolution to exercise more (let’s face it, those exercise videos, or gym memberships will get used for a month and then fall by the wayside) make a resolution to build free time into your schedule for being outdoors.  When you’re outdoors the exercise will come naturally!

#3.  Get a Girlfriend / Boyfriend
Love seems to be a timeless theme for both werewolves and humans. Everyone wants to find it, and the quest can sometimes last a lifetime. Year after year, resolutions are made to finally find that special someone. While this resolution isn’t all bad, it is a difficult one to make because it depends on the heart of someone else. How can you resolve to make someone else have feelings for you? Werewolf or human, it is an almost impossible task. Instead of resolving to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, resolve to be more of a friend to those around you. Werewolves in particular can often be very particular about how they befriend and trust. Build and cherish those relationships and be open to others. Sometimes – and often – love can be found in those people you thought were just friends.

#4. Get Organized

This is actually a pretty good resolution, because werewolf or human, it is very hard to be successful at any other resolution without getting organized. The problem however, and reason that you should not make this resolution, is because if you are disorganized enough to be making this resolution, you are almost inevitably going to fail at it. You are disorganized by nature, so making a resolution to get organized is just setting yourself up for a very difficult and unhappy task. Instead of making a resolution to get organized, make a resolution to put things away after using them or taking them out of their place. Sounds simple right? It is still fairly difficult for a disorganized person to do, but it is an easier task to accomplish than the seemingly overwhelming task of “getting organized”!

#5. Learn Something New
This resolution is totally unnecessary for the werewolf, as not a day goes by that a werewolf is not learning something new – whether or not he or she wants to. Being a werewolf means being different – and being different means every day there is a new challenge or obstacle. Every day the werewolf learns something about himself, or something about others. The new year resolution therefore, should not be to learn something new – this is something that is a given – wanted or not werewolves (and even humans) are learning new things daily. The resolution here should be to be aware of and acknowledge the new things you learn daily about yourself, others, and the world. They are there – whether you want them or not – new things that you are learning – the key is acknowledging them.



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