Do vampires ever sleep?

Vampires are known as creatures that haunt the night.  Many legends say that they must avoid sunlight, and so use the darkness of night to be most active and hunt for their victims.  Traditional stories say that when daylight comes humans are safe, because the vampire hides in a dark, sunlight-starved place to wait for the next nightfall.  So, when vampires are hanging out waiting for the night to come, what are they doing?

Vampires sleep during the day?

On one side, you have things such as classic horror movies that have depicted the vampire as sleeping in a coffin during the day-time.  They depict the vampire as skulking back to a crypt or lair, climbing into an empty coffin, crossing his arms across his chest, closing his eyes, and going into a deep, deep sleep.  Some of these depictions even show that the vampire cannot be awoken during the sleep – humans or other creatures could conceivably go into their lair, pull out their coffin and expose them to the sunlight all without their knowledge because their sleep is so deep, it’s almost like a trance.  For this reason, you often see creatures such as werewolves – or even humans – guarding a vampire’s crypt.  This stereotype has been promoted in famous vampire books such as Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

Vampires never sleep?

On the other side of the debate, there are many modern-day tellings of vampires that say that vampires actually never sleep – either during the daytime or the nighttime.  The most famous of these examples is in the Twilight-series of books by Stephanie Meyer.  In her books, the vampire Edward says that he never sleeps.  His room is therefore filled with books and music to help him pass the time.  He in fact, does not even have a bed.

The Truth?

So what do real vampires do? Sleep or not?  Most stories and legends seem to indicate that vampires do in fact need sleep.  It appears however that after a vampire has lived a long time, their sleep needs become less and less, so that at some period in their lives, you could find a vampire that actually does not need sleep at all.



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12 Responses

  1. pklett92 says:

    maybe on a planet where the sky is always purple and the btches run around naked screaming like school girls after a Justin Beiber concert. the more the merrier I always say. Vampires well psk I’ve had bad experiences with them because they are always so dramatic. Put wolves, demons, and vampires in the same place with all different beliefs and strange habits. What you get is an orgy in the middle of a hail storm with pillars of fire throwing debris in every which direction. Its pretty spectacular.

  2. me says:

    lol! awesome! then that would have been very fun watching… as long as i aint involved lol XD

  3. konno12moto says:

    wow that was one way to put it. however if vampires dont excest then how did the legions start? i mean if no one believs in them.

  4. Liggy says:

    It would be too freaky for them not to…lol!

  5. konno12moto says:

    i guess thats true

  6. Shifter says:

    I’m a vampire, I still sleep. I’m only 93 years old, I look 20 years old or so. I was bitten not born a vampire, happened when I was 16 years old. I do but I don’t regret becoming one. Being around humans is hard sometimes, when I’m craving blood. I have to drink animal blood, it’s not the same but it prevents me from killing humans, especially since I work with the public on a daily basis. I am friends with a couple wiccans and they know that I am, but the rest of the people I work with or for do not know I am a vampire. It’s hard keeping a secret that big but it has to be done in order to save me. The one Wiccan lady could tell I was a vampire before I had a chance to say anything.

  7. Kira says:

    I am a vampire and I was bitten at 5 yrs old so I don’t know when I stop aging so today my neck hurts where my bite is so what should I do.

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