Do vampires exist?

Buddy just covered this question but I feel like my view is much different so I thought I would just add my opinion.The question was:If werewolves exist, do vampires exist too? Is there such thing as a vampire?Do vampires really exist?I believe vampires do exist. Vampires have been a piece of history for centuries much like the werewolf.

Vampires, although some say must avoid sunlight, have a greater advantage than the werewolf. The vampire almost always “looks” human and can always hide anything that appears to be NOT human. The werewolf on the other hand cannot control anything. The werewolf cannot control transformation, cannot control killing, and cannot control the way he “looks.” The vampire can hide all of this, in fact, the vampire can even control the way he “feeds,” most vampires that exist today were once humans and understand what it means to be human, they do not want to harm humans.  Since vampires do not want to harm humans they look for other way to full fill their “needs,” their desire to feed. They seek alternatives and almost never kill humans. more on this soon. –



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  1. Nicky says:

    I never see one, but i have strange dreams about them. Something about Kain or vampire God, i don´t know. But i don´t think they are so dangerous as most people think.
    But i would like to fight with one! 3:D

  2. bloodangel says:

    vampires do exist. when i found out about them, i was ALMOST in shock. i don’t know what exactly is happening infact im scared too but round about 2 years ago, i was pretty much a goody-two-shoes and teachers pet. i wouldn’t hurt or say anything horroble to anyone infact i couldn’t even watch/liston to another person doing it. i used hold doors open and i would never tell a lie although i am a realy good actress, i just didn’t need to. i felt bad about everyone who got upset and bullied and i never held a grudje about anyone.knowone in my family was ever mean or anything. i always thought nice things about people but one night, somthing changed. i felt different…i ignored but weeks went on and i started noticing differences in myself. one day, i was at school and my best friend came over. she said “are you ok?” she went to put her hand on my shoulder. i said “don’t touch me!” she must of thought i was joking cos she continued and she put her hand on my shoulder. suddenly i grabbed her hand, twisted it and pinned her against the wall. suddenly i released her. i didn’t know what had happened…i was terrafied aswell as her. a couple of months past and i started having these weird dreams. i would be in a room full of people i knew and this person in the middle would have a tray of bags. it looked a bit like a school trip so i thought we were having lunch. she was going round handing people these bags and each bag had like a juice or somthing inside it. people were sqeezing it into there mouths. she came to me and asked “blood or stew?”. i felt this huge urge come over me. i desperetly wanted to say “blood” but i couldn’t let my friends see me drink it. i just wouldn’t be able to face them again. a boy opposite me (who in real life had already had his suspicions about) stared at me. watching me closely. he wanted me to choose blood. he wanted me to blow my cover, to prove him right. but i chose stew. for a long time i sat with the bag in my hand, staring at the spare tray of bloodbags. it was hurting. i could barely control myself and i was sure it showed on my face. i sipped at the stew but it was disgusting. i sneaked it to the bin then i sat waiting for everyone to leave so that i could be alone with the blood. thats when i woke up. a week later, i started feeling that urge every time i was with a group of people. god it is horroble. i remember in class we were watching “les miserable” and i couldn’t concintrate on the film infact i spent the whole class staring at a boys neck. i kept thinking “bite him” but id say “no”. everywere i looked, i saw possible fresh blood. i hate it and its getting worse. my anger is getting worse. im lashing out more and more. before this happened, i wasn’t obsessed with vampires (i was obsessed with harry pottor!). i didn’t fool myself into thinking that love the taste of blood cos i genualy do. i do acting at a popular drama group and im one of the best yet even im finding it hard to keep it secret. does anyone have any helpfull tips? 🙂

  3. lonewolf666 says:

    Im a werewolf but i would asume that what you are having is something i like to call premature thirst, its when you are born a vampire and you are having these urges to drink blood, unless you were bitten then again that could be that specific vampires venom taking over, but me i am a half breed were/vamp i am 14 and live in Gulfport mississippi i am stronger and faster smarter than any other vamp or were, therefor i have alot more knowlage on these kinds of things just email me for more questions
    [email protected]

  4. lonewolf666 says:

    Anyone on?? i have some questions i cant make sense of…..

  5. bloodangel says:

    im online at the mo but its like 3am were i am in the world and ive got dance at 10am so i won’t be online for long. lonewolf666, i had wanted to ask you a few quistions too but your email didn’t work. probs my computer. its just, ive been on loads of websites (different usernames, ofcourse) and i’ve asked loads of people (online, never face to face) what they think is wrong with me. the obvious answer is there, vampire, but i can’t think how that would of happened. i’ve considered these different conditions and deseises but none of them fit. i know its not just in my head cos at the time i was totes obsessed with harry potter (as i said). i had known only of twilight but i never realy got it. one of my new bffs were insanely in love with it but i didn’t care about at all. i never even finished watching the seccend movie (no i did not see the first one cos none of my friends seemed to have it). i didn’t have any vampire dvds or books (exept vampirites but i liked the rhymes more than the story). it isn’t in my head. ive looked through book after book after book (im a good reader) to find out if there was any simular cases and if so, how bad did it get? i couldn’t find anything that i could believe. i gave up looking for humans with vampire conditions and i now set of looking for vampires who i could relate to, no quistions asked. im nowere near finished my search. i could of related to most of them if they didn’t keep able to turn into bats and mist and lived in large but dingy castles and were repelled by a clove of garlic and a cross. seriosly (no joke) does anyone know anything???

  6. Wolfie says:

    guys the date of the last post was my birthday

  7. Radz says:

    Hey I just wanna know one thing if vampires still exists or not?

  8. rebekah 6 says:

    @lonewolf666: Do you think you could turn me. 400 East Logan. Moberly missouri?

  9. Lycanhope says:

    @rebekah 6: Congratulations, your exact address down to street number is now on the Internet for all to see, and can never be removed.
    You win my idiot of the week award, good job. It’s very sought after.

  10. Aland says:

    Really sad manga and happy at the same time really sad they ereasd her memory at the end it also wasen’t so nessesary they could have let her life with her boyfriend and she still could visit them once in a while .

  11. John Smith says:

    Wtf is up with this

  12. Unknown says:

    Lots of crazies in here….they do have mental hospitals and they treat lycanthropy…..a person obsessed thinking there a breed of werewolf and those craving blood in if your bodies low on iron you will crave a thirst even…but other than that yaw are coocoo

    • Lupe says:

      Hey now, no need to be rude. Perhaps yes, some people (a lot really) believe they are in some way connected to wolves, or are a form of werewolf or werecreature. Is it natural? I am not sure, aside from that apparent human drive that leads us to wolves, which could explain some things.

      Aside from that, I feel it is a spiritual and/or psychological issue. Spiritual being that they believe that a spell, ritual, or incantation can turn them, therefore they turn away from the truth (God) for desires (werewolf) and in turn begin feeling as if this “thing” will solve their issues, when in actuality it will make things worse.

      Things worse not being that you will turn from incantations, but that it can develop CL (clinical Lycanthropy) and at the same time, you begin to move further and further away from God and all that is good for some dillusion, and your life will fall apart and if you ever try to turn things around, you would end up trying for life.

      I personally feel as if nothing is worth giving up God for, especially not this incantational lie. (It is a lie, therefore since it is decietful, it is in correlation to the Devil, and in turn it will lead you away from God and to insanity towards hell)

      To be honest, I have tried countless times to convince people to turn from their ways, for its all in vain. But people do not listen, for they hear only what they wish to hear, or what their own philosophy (even if convincingly accurate) says.

      There is a difference however, between what is written above, and what is also elsewhere on this site. Now, by saying that these things people to do try to convince themselves they are what they are not, that does not mean that werecreatures do not exist. They do, it’s more mental than anything, and if anything especially not how many think.

      These people are the way they are and are born that way, live that way for life. The difference is that they are not dillusional as they are truly that way, and did not have to sacrifice God for some dillusion. For it is true that they are that way, and the truth is a thing of God. (Not to say that all true werecreatures are of God because they are truly that, but because God made them that way, which is natural and signifies that the naturality is of God, of something God did, as he made them, and not something as some corrupted nonsense given by certain occults.) (corrupted being deceived to leaving truth aka God, To some lie aka the devil’s insanity)

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