Do vampires exist?

Buddy just covered this question but I feel like my view is much different so I thought I would just add my opinion.The question was:If werewolves exist, do vampires exist too? Is there such thing as a vampire?Do vampires really exist?I believe vampires do exist. Vampires have been a piece of history for centuries much like the werewolf.

Vampires, although some say must avoid sunlight, have a greater advantage than the werewolf. The vampire almost always “looks” human and can always hide anything that appears to be NOT human. The werewolf on the other hand cannot control anything. The werewolf cannot control transformation, cannot control killing, and cannot control the way he “looks.” The vampire can hide all of this, in fact, the vampire can even control the way he “feeds,” most vampires that exist today were once humans and understand what it means to be human, they do not want to harm humans.  Since vampires do not want to harm humans they look for other way to full fill their “needs,” their desire to feed. They seek alternatives and almost never kill humans. more on this soon. –



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692 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    Anytime, my puppy.

  2. Angel Wolf says:

    ew… love fest…

  3. lee ann says:

    ugh I think Im going to be sick. god get a room or something

  4. Angel Wolf says:

    has anyone seen Dramund? it’s been a while. when was the last time he got on?

  5. lee ann says:

    Ive talked to him recently

  6. Angel Wolf says:


  7. Angel Wolf says:

    i really need the information

  8. Angel Wolf says:

    any at all

  9. lee ann says:

    what information

  10. Angel Wolf says:

    about him. where you last spoke, adress would be fine, number,or his schedule

  11. Angel Wolf says:

    i need to hear his voice.

  12. Angel Wolf says:

    i need to hear him say everything will be ok

  13. Howard says:

    ……….thats just a bit weird

  14. Howard says:

    not the hearing the voice the schedule and address thing

  15. Angel Wolf says:

    YOU SHUT UP! you ruined everything,and now you want to dig deeper

  16. Howard says:

    wow your still at it how i ruined everything yet i have not done one thing lol pathetic

  17. Howard says:

    Learn to tolerate me cause Dramund is my brother

  18. lee ann says:

    hows the knife going “bro”

  19. Angel Wolf says:

    i just, have a need for him. i can’t stay away. it’s unexplanable, i think since he turned me it has something to do with that, but it’s like a magnet and a fridge

  20. Howard says:

    i know that feeling Angel Wolf

  21. Angel Wolf says:

    (he’s the fridge)

  22. Angel Wolf says:

    can you help me?

  23. Howard says:

    and are you asking a question lee ann? Cause it seemed more sarcastic Sis

  24. Howard says:

    all I know is he is trying to get out of where he lives now

  25. Angel Wolf says:

    wait… sis…bro? am i missing something in this picture?

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