Do vampires exist?

Buddy just covered this question but I feel like my view is much different so I thought I would just add my opinion.The question was:If werewolves exist, do vampires exist too? Is there such thing as a vampire?Do vampires really exist?I believe vampires do exist. Vampires have been a piece of history for centuries much like the werewolf.

Vampires, although some say must avoid sunlight, have a greater advantage than the werewolf. The vampire almost always “looks” human and can always hide anything that appears to be NOT human. The werewolf on the other hand cannot control anything. The werewolf cannot control transformation, cannot control killing, and cannot control the way he “looks.” The vampire can hide all of this, in fact, the vampire can even control the way he “feeds,” most vampires that exist today were once humans and understand what it means to be human, they do not want to harm humans.  Since vampires do not want to harm humans they look for other way to full fill their “needs,” their desire to feed. They seek alternatives and almost never kill humans. more on this soon. –



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  1. Joey says:

    wow. just wow. “must avoid sunlight?” what a load of crap. as a demonic werepyre, I should know if you can be out in sunlight, but since my demon showed up, my vampire side seems off. see you can be out in sunlight, its not like the twilight movies or any other movie. I laugh at these kids who think werewolves and vampires are like the ones in the movies. it just fills me up with warmth and laughter that these people like to believe that shit.

    wow *tears up* wow. *laugh hysterically*

  2. Talon Ragnorok says:

    There are so many different types of vampires but apparently a lot of these “kids” as people are calling them, only think that a vampire is a pasty, undead, bloodsucking creature of the night like was said to be seen in movies. I have yet to meet a blood sucker, and I don’t know the exact definition of the word “Vampire” but I have a friend who is a psychic/energy vampire, she finally came out to me a year ago after I noticed how tired I was after hanging out with her, when I confronted her she denied it until I told her it was cool as long as she asked my permission and after that we have been even closer friends, kinda an off topic story for this post but I’m not one to post one or two words and call it good 😉 but yes I do believe that vampires exist as well as werewolves.

  3. well at least you have some sense….

  4. i do have some sense and iam a real vampier not the ones you see in movies

  5. Bloodsucking_Believer says:

    I believe vampires do exist. There have been many legends since humans ever existed. I myself if vampires do not exist must be going mental. The other day i swore I’d seen my friend SHINE in the sun. Yes I know that this doesn’t go along with all the legends that the sun burns them but what if what we know is wrong. Many legends of drained blood also exist. Vampires can definately exist and will always try to keep undercover. Also to prevent us from discovering them they would probably give us false clues. I am not a believer of witches or wizards. I believe in GOD,the DEVIL and VAMPIRES.

  6. prat says:

    i do believe dat vampires exist…i dunno its just a feelin dat vampires do exist…i really wana find out nd especially after seeing a vampire like edward cullen i wish even more.i just wish

  7. madamtwilight says:

    i do believe that vampires and werewolf i really won’t to find out

  8. madamtwilight says:


  9. Sophia says:


  10. pklett92 says:

    you all should watch the clasic vampire flick called queen of the damned…its a real eye opener to the true intent of the scourge vampire. Another good one is called nightbreakers which came out pretty recently. Being violently killed by a shapeless monster that has the ability to make itself a pear as a human is no romantic thing. If vampires do exist I hope you vamp lovers get your selves killed by one….OOOOOH!!! the irony

  11. Dream Catcher says:

    maurice poleyestewa?

  12. Lunar says:

    Lol that would be ironic.

  13. Shayvonne says:

    Ime not sure if they are any !

  14. i think they both exist to i mean y not i see them al the time at my house so y not?

  15. Dark Immortal says:

    do {they} exsist? Lets leave that up to you to decide. I sat and read some of these comments and laughed, humans wanna know do (they) exsist, well heres the facts. There are 6 billion humans in this world as of 2008. Not near as many vampires or wearwolves ( shapeshifters) true name. Humans out number them and typically are stronger since they out number them. Hence they would hunt them down. They tend to hide among you and keep there presence a secret. You choose what you want to believe. As for you who are wanting to be turned. Dont ask to be turned, you really dont know what you are asking for nor will one just walk up and (turn) you.

  16. vampira says:

    my family comes from werewolves no joke either and i have proof..

  17. mass says:

    yeh no 1 is going to turn u

  18. khushi says:

    vampire and werewolf do not exist.These are only imagination.

  19. Observer says:

    hmm… too many rude things to say to this.

  20. Suki says:

    Bloody haters I will never get why they persist on saying something so ill informed to a sea of opposers.

  21. jovita says:

    vampires exist i knw it vry well cos m studyng on that topic

  22. Solomon518 says:

    @jovita: Thank you for saying I exist.

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