Does being a werewolf mean being really hairy?

First, it’s important to note that not all werewolves are covered in a thick layer of fur or hair all over their bodies.  This is a hollywood myth.  In fact, many werewolves experience transformations with only moderate changes to their hair! So the quick answer to the question is that no, you are not necessarily destined to be forever furry if you are a werewolf.  There are however cases and  indivduals that experience excessive hair changes…mainly those werewolves that experience full body hair coverage are typically those that transform completely into werewolf form and no longer resemble humans, but rather resemble a wolf.

What about in human form? 

The good news is that regardless of how hairy or furry someone might be in werewolf form, in human form they are not likely to be excessively hairy.  They may however have slight differences to their hair – many have noticed in particular that their hair is shinier and healthier than before.  Many also find their hair grows more quickly and is fuller and thicker than before – this is good news for girls!

For guys however, the bad news is that it requires a bit of maintenance…in guys it’s not just hair (on the head) that grows thick, full, and fast, but also facial hair!  Many find this accelerated hair growth difficult to maintain and end up having scruffy faces.  If you’ve ever seen depictions of werewolves in human form with long sideburns, thick beards, and wild, unruly hair – you get the idea of how unmanageable it can become.

Any other odd hair growth for werewolves?

It’s important to note that like every human, every werewolf is unique, and what is true for one, is not necessarily true for all.  Many old legends and myths however do note that there are common areas where werewolves grow more (or thicker) hair than humans..for example:

  • eyebrows – legends say that many werewolves tend to have very thick eyebrows…
  • back of hands/fingers – some myths indicate that werewolves tend to be excessively hairy on the back of their knuckles and hands
  • tongue – some old texts cite that werewolves can be identified by hair on their tongues!

It is worth nothing that many modern-day werewolves do not experience this type of anatomy-specific hair growth.




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4 Responses

  1. Liam Sauer-Wooden says:

    Many people prefer werewolves who are hairy in human form just as many people prefer men with facial hair,

  2. she wolf says:

    If I would be a hairy werewolf, well….. you can easily identify me because my hair would be wiry and messy. Something like being electrocuted.

  3. Titan says:

    JESUS HAIR ON YOUR TONGUE! I’m glad that’s not true .-.

  4. No, it is not hair, it is bristles under the toungue.

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