Does the werewolf have to hide?

Does the werewolf have to hide from humans or other beings that might be suspect of your “curse”? Well,  this is a very tough question to answer because it all depends on who the person you would like to tell (your secret to) is and what their agenda might be.

Sometimes it is important to keep your identity a secret. Not only could it prevent unnecessary conflicts but it can also lead to help with the preservation of the werewolf culture. The Werewolf is frequently inclined to talk about his or her curse with others so that they can try to relate to other humans. Not that the werewolf wants to be human but he often feels more in touch with humanity if others know that they are “curesd.”

Never tells your enemy that you are a werewolf! Doing so could cause some controversy and it could also lead to unnecessary blackmail from your enemies. If your enemy knows you are one with a curse they could use it against you in a number of ways. For one you could be captured just so that they could obtain your affliction! Believe it or not some “evil” people become werewolves by capturing a werewolf that they know… if an evil human becomes a werewolf they end up being an evil werewolf!

Is it ok to tell my family that I am a werewolf? Yes and no. Even though family will always be family some families are more open minded than others. If you come from a family that is not open minded to different ideas about humanity then you might have a difficult time telling them about your curse and they will have a difficult time believing that you are a werewolf. One thing is for sure, if your “gut” tells you not to reveal your secret werewolf identity to your family then you should not reveal it!

Can I tell classmates or my teacher at school that I am a werewolf? Maybe. Although you are always encouraged to tell your teacher everything you should probably think twice about telling your teacher or classmates about being a werewolf. Even though he (or she) will become a big influence on your life and you will spend alot of time with him it is often easier to NOT tell your instructor that you are a werewolf. You will more than likely be facing dozens of questions if you share your secret… some of these questions are ones you may not be wanting to share. Classmates are also difficult to share things with because if you do share rumors could spread around school faster than wildfire! Think twice before sharing with classmates… be certain that it will be fine with you if the much of the school is let in on your secret via the “rumor mill.”



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32 Responses

  1. Paige says:

    Well are any of YOU a werewolf? I know I’m it was sciencetififly proven and only hmm about 4-7 people know that have somewhat of a power so yeah PROVE u are lone wolf and others. >:)

    • James666 says:

      @Paige. Why would I tell you? no offence mate, but give me one good reason any that I should PROVE anything? Im just on this page for pure curiosity. I don’t trust anyone make me trust you if u want ur proof.

  2. Leo says:

    Funny i read the comments and have a giggle because some claim to be werewolf and yet i don’t see it. Let me give you a sample of my life, i have no real friends or family or partner they are all fake because my life is fake…you see when you live a lie over and over for a long time you become accepted among them and it was true what Hitler said that when you tell someone a lie over and over they will eventually believe you…just keep up with the good comments and making them feel good until you earn there trust 🙂 and all the ?marks in there heads will go away. So…i guess in my own opinion that being a race within a race can be fun and exiting…for me, but as for you…well just keep reading and learning about your interest in people like us and then to sleep and forget about it., Besides you will never know or understand what it is like to be different and superior to others. Ok i must admit a few cool things like example i love the sent of a beautiful lady, and letting her know about it by not being shy and i know the words they want to hear. I must also admit that i love having a conversation with a young beautiful lady and there will always be that special moment where i loose her and just stair at her smooth skin on her right side neck and for that special moment i can feel my blood getting warm as it flows in my veins. I can also say that some times talking to my fake friends can be a good feeling as i also have that special moment of thinking about tearing them into small small pieces 🙂 i love the fake friendship thing…so when the day comes they will never see it coming 😉 especially not from me. So i guess the big question from you is do i turn? well the truth is i don’t know. Hey that’s why you are so interested in us is because you want the truth right! like Donald trump or Alex Jones will know lol.

    • Lycanhope says:

      So I read “blah blah blah emo fantasies blah.”
      You know, it’s people that talk like you that end up on the news making the rest of us a laughing stock. It doesn’t hurt to pretend to be normal, that’s the whole point of wearing masks of emotion.

  3. katie says:

    Hi i want to talk i dream about werewolves i want to know what thats all about thx

    Ps im katie

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