Dog mask – halloween mask ideas!

Well, if you’re not crazy about the werewolf mask or werewolf costume because maybe they’re too scary? You could try being a dog. WHY would you want to be a dog for halloween instead of a werewolf? I dont know, but maybe you do. If you do a search for dog mask, you’re likely to come up mostly with halloween costumes for dogs, not halloween costumes for adults to BE a dog. So, I’ve done a little of the work for you. Here’s a site that has a selection of halloween dog masks. It has one that is made out of plush fabric (like a stuffed animal), and makes sounds too! It’s called a “headband facemask”, so looks like you put a headband on to keep it in place, neat idea, good for girls. It also has a rottweiler mask (one of those chinless halloween masks) that is kind of scary. Here’s another super cheap halloween dog mask only $1.99 and you can be a spotted dog! It’s just one of those basic masks with the elastic strap that goes behind your head…great choice for a kid halloween party. And finally, here’s a full head halloween dog mask of a dalmationit’s a plastic mask that goes all the way over your head. If you don’t want scary, this one isn’t scary at all!



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