Don’t get bitten on Halloween by these monsters!

On Halloween night all the ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and demons are out! There are some monsters roaming around however that no creature wants to be near, because they are vicious with bites that can hurt and create major damage! If you’re out trick-or-treating be sure to stay clear of these monsters – you don’t want to get bitten by these creatures on Halloween (or any other day) – they can scare you, possess you – or worse, take a bite out of you!

1. Trolls – These are hideous dwarf-like creatures that can be found under bridges or in caves. Some tales say that they crave and eat humans.

2. Ogres – A hideous monster giant that eats human flesh!

3. Manticores – This creature has the head of a man, body of a lion, and tail of a dragon, and sometimes shoots poisonous spines at its victims!

4. Nagas – This monster has the body of a snake and head of a man, and was most popularly depicted in the movie Harry Potter.

5. Wendigos – Half phantom half beast that craves human flesh and can sometimes possess humans!

The chances that you come across one of these creatures on Halloween is very high. These are some of the monsters that enjoy the scariest night of the year and take to the streets because they can blend in with the regular public, BEWARE while out trick-or-treating…

Here are a couple of tips to help keep you safe and out of the claws of a vicious creature:

1. Never speak to a strange monster, if one does approach you be sure that the mask is actually plastic and not real! A few signs can help you determine if it is real; the presence of drool is an indicator that the creature might be real. Bloodshot eyes are also an indicator.


2. Don’t be out past 3am! Chances are that if you are out on Halloween night you are already risking it, but being out past 3am brings you into the Witching Hour (3am – 4am)… a time of the night when “anything goes”… nobody is safe at this hour!



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8 Responses

  1. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    i agree.

  2. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    how would you protect yourself though?

  3. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    if you get face-to-face?

  4. astute newt says:

    use insane ninja skills.

  5. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:

    weell, i am a master orange belt in karatae, and i can make a weapon from most anything, soo, ok, but other than that

  6. Here is my don’t get bitten list

    1. Zombie you don’t want to be bitten by a zombie because it will not stop trying to eat you and you will turn into one of these gory ghouls!

    2. Ghoul they have disgusting mouths with sharp teeth and strong jaws.

    3. Demon the demon has sharp teeth and very strong jaws. Also the saliva of a demon is like boiling water.

    4. Dragon they have vicious teeth with strong and quick jaws not to mention some of them are venomous.

    5. Werewolf powerful jaws and Sharp teeth are a definite no. And the grip of the werewolf is surprising not to mention that the werewolf will shake you around like a wolf.

    6. Vampire they have two little teeth like needles.

  7. Soul Tepes says:

    To correct something on here. A naga is half woman, half snake. Not man. A naga was considered a goddess in I believe india.

  1. October 14, 2011

    […] How to protect yourself? In many cultures it is believed the best way – and perhaps the only way – to protect yourself during the Witching Hour is simply to not be outside during that time of night (especially on halloween!). […]

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