Dont let humanity prevent you from being a werewolf!

werewolves in hidingHello Werewolves, Friends! I am back!  The creatures of the night did not get me!  I’ve been away, hiking and running, gazing at the moon, and breathing scents on the wind!  And here’s what I’ve discovered:

Although the world is overpopulated with humanity (and it seems there is more and more of it every day), there are still corners of the world hidden from view that werewolves can find respite in….you just have to look for them.  In the middle of the city it might be an unpaved nature trail that goes to a river or lake; in the country the choices become broader – trails, fields, forests – werewolves have more choices; and if you’re inside, in your own home, you can find other werewolves and be yourself here at ILW!

It’s so easy to become lost in the day to day shuffle of humanity. So take a few minutes and be yourself! Howl! Breathe in, enjoy, and identify the scents around you! Find a trail and hike…walk… run down it!  Feel the wind in your hair, breeze on your skin, sun on your face!

Aaaaaaoooooo! 😀



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17 Responses

  1. Ashley says:


    My name is Ashley… I am still having a struggle finding my pelt so to speak. To me it seems as though you have felt the wind rustle your fur… I am having trouble dealing with this body… Do you know of a way to feel the true form that I may study and learn? Please… the longer I go without my pelt, my true body the farther it seems to be that I will ever get to.

  2. Alpha says:

    what? Whats wrong with you?

  3. Alpha says:

    Sorry licanhope is the guy you want to talk to if you need help, im the a-hole that gets fakers to stop. I mean i give help but i am a díck about it

  4. ArgentineBlood says:

    @Ashley, You need to calm yourself down. You have a long way to go, a lot of experiences to live. In order to feel your ‘wolf form’ you must shift many, many times. Don’t force yourself to learn or shift. Keep researching, keep training and Overall, don’t get stressed!

  5. elene fiala says:

    Hi, I am a werewolf but I have only known one other werewolf. We don’t talk anymore because of something he did. I am trying to figure out what being a werewolf means. I think it came from a dads side of the family but was lost. Just like how I think the psychic and Reiki abilities were lost on my moms side of the family. I guess I am just looking for some advice or any help please.

    • Eepa says:

      Woah I was sure this site was dead and nobody posted anymore. I don’t know how to shift to a wolf form but there are other sites that maybe you can find other werewolves. Maybe we can search for advices together?

    • LegendLupe046 says:

      @elene fiala I would suggest to calm down. You seem to be overthinking this. Being a werewolf is a self-journey where you find out who you are, make friends, lose friends, make enemies, defeat enemies, and overall be who you truly are. Humanity will try to push you back down to their level, but you are better than them, push back up and never give up. I am uncertain as to what advice you seek, however I’m sure that some people on the main Chatroom could help you. As far as I’m concerned a Werewolf can be a born wolf, wolf by Spell, or Therian Wolf. The born wolf has the genetics of a werewolf and can shift per say. A wolf by Spell is a wolf that is created via a spell someone once did, or a curse put upon you. And the next, the most believable of them all, is a Therian Wolf, where you can m-shift into a wolf. If you are wondering how spells work it actually does I tested it myself upon someone else and didn’t say a thing and they started spouting about how they had these symptoms. But sadly, all the Spell does is give you Lycanthrope, a mental disorder where one thinks they are turning into a werewolf.

      @Eepa of course this site is still active I know quite a few who actually come on here and one of which has been on for a very long time. If you were here previously, do you know anyone by the name of Tia? Or possibly Lycanhope? Sorry to inform you, but Lycanhope has left due to major misunderstandings, but Tia is still on. Plus many many others who you can meet on the main chatroom

    • Kinta says:

      I can help, I know a lot about what to do after becoming a werewolf. I’ve effectively already been turned and gained control, just not in this multiverse. My problem is I don’t know any surefire ways to become a werewolf, save having access to one. We could help each other. Let me know, you can also find me as @DesignerKinta

  6. Jacob says:

    Hey Legend! How are you today?

  7. LegendLupe046 says:

    I’m doing great I was just training and I apparently was helping someone when I saw their emergency light on on their car, I went to go see if anything was wrong and there were just children in the car, and I talked with them, then their mom came out and apparently I must’ve relieved some stress from her because she seemed grateful to have me watching over her children.

  8. Amaris says:

    Hello my nickname is Amaris, I was wondering if its possible to be turned into a legit werewolf by a legit werewolf.

  9. JoeLupe says:

    @Amaris well I have some news for you! Hold onto your hats because this information will knock you off of your seat! No, one can not turn into a werewolf by another legitimate werewolf. There are ways to see if you are one, but to be bitten by a werewolf doesn’t work, neither does any form of anything that you may want to use to become a werewolf.

  10. @JoeLupe How can i see if i am a werewolf?

  11. KitchiLupe says:

    @Barbu (this is the same person different account) I cannot tell you for you, that is something you must figure out yourself. But wait! Listen up because I have Highly intriguing information that will really set your tone for the year, possibly for the rest of your life! Try… looking on this website a bit, you might learn a thing or two! ^.^

    Oooooohhhh and also, not everyone is a werewolf, so if your not don’t come crying back to me. The best thing you can do is accept yourself. But remember everyone is technically human, even if werewolf.

    “But I tell you to accept yourself and be the best you can be for you (who you truly are) and if others don’t accept you for who you are, if they try to change you and threaten you to bend to their pressure, then don’t bend, laugh at them, for they don’t see the real treasure before them.”

    “No this means that sometimes being different is accepting your the same, accepting your human, accepting that you are who you are.”


  12. Fallen_Alpha says:

    Is there a way to save a friend whose a werewolf who has been poisoned with wolfsbane please need respond quick

  13. Kinta says:

    This response will probably be too late. First thing have them eat lots of kale and consume lots of activated charcoal mixed with water. This won’t save them. Unless someone has an antidote for that specific strain, the only way to cure is to internally fight it off. This can take a lifetime to learn, and I’m only about a third of the needed skilllevel. The kale, water, and charcoal would help to negate some of the poison, but this would only by time. If it bought enough time, it could cure. It’s a cure for chronic poisoning; wolfsbane is acute. By the time you’ve seen this, they’re either cured or dead, but hopefully this will help others in the future.

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