Dr Who Vampires of Venice

Tomorrow’s episode of Dr. Who is all about vampires….maybe. The Dr. and his companions go to Venice and encounter what at first they believe to be vampires. The Dr. Who creatures are human-like with huge fangs. But as they become more involved with the creatures, it becomes clear they may very well not be vampires after all, but something worse.

When I first watched the trailer I was kind of interested that they would make vampires with such odd fangs – the “vampire” fangs are incredibly long and extremely sharp. It makes sense that they might not be vampires after all, those teeth are pretty crazy for a poor vamp!

The Dr Who episode airs tomorrow – it’s called Vampires of Venice.



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8 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    Not gonna lie thats just stupid gotta love the british accent though!!

  2. Hachina says:


  3. Jo says:

    lol! at least someones back and happy lol! i gotta work on my little split emotions cause my mood swing are bugging me as well lol! signing out. (tounge out) ahha

  4. DaRk says:


  5. Hachina says:

    watches the episode yesterday… Turns out the “vampires” are actually an alien fish-like species. o_O

  6. lee ann says:

    dumber than expected…

  7. pklett92 says:

    pretty radical stuff, but im a huge science fiction buff so don’t mind me. My favorite Genre is Post apocalypse

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