Dracula Trivia

Some trivia from Bram’s Stoker’s novel Dracula..Did you know…?

1. Is Dracula described in the novel as having black hair?
No! Jonathan Harker describes him as having white hair! (He’s also described as having sharp teeth, hairy palms, pointed ears, and a white moustache!)

2. Does Dracula ever hang upside down?
Actually, no! In the novel, Dracula is never described as sleeping hanging upside down as more “traditional” tales of Dracula describe.

3. Who does dracula say is one of his ancestors?
Atilla the Hun!

4. In what year does the novel Dracula take place?

5. In what year was the novel Dracula written?

6. What color are Dracula’s eyes described as?

7. In the novel, does Dracula have a reflection?
No, Dracula is not reflected in mirrors!



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