Dream interpretation – werewolves

Have you been dreaming about werewolves?  What do werewolves in dreams symbolize?

People who study dreams believe that people or things in your dream represent things from your waking life or self.  Dream interpretation can help you understand things you might not have known – or admitted – about yourself – your innermost fears, your secret wishes, your true desires… there is a whole range of things that things from your dreams can represent.

Most often, anything in your dream can be interpreted a number of ways – it can have multiple meanings.  Once you know what the meanings are, you should examine your own life, history, and feelings, and you’ll most likely be able to interpret what your dream most likely represents for you.  Dreams are incredibly individual, so remember, these interpretations – while true for many people – are only guidelines – while they apply in many situations and to many people – they may not necessarily apply to you.  For example, while dreaming about a wolf could represent solitude, or mystery, or loneliness – you might be dreaming about a wolf simply because you saw a wolf the day before! In other words, use these dream interpretations as guidelines, and remember to adjust them to your individual situation as needed.  🙂

So, what does dreaming about a werewolf mean?

Like all dream symbols, werewolves in dreams can mean a number of things.  But typically, those werewolf dreams, can mean one of the following:

1. Dreaming about a werewolf could mean that something in your life is not quite as it appears.

2. Werewolves in your dreams could also mean that you are feeling very strong emotions.

3.  They could mean you are craving more excitement in our life.

4.  They could mean that you feel like something in your life is out of your control.

5.  Werewolves can symbolize internal conflict.

6.  They can symbolize some type of internal change that your undergoing.

7.  It could symbolize you are repressing some part of your personality.

8.  It could mean that you subconsciously feel that some part of your personality or self is self-destructive.

9.  If could represent a feeling of empowerment you are feeling in your life.

10.  These dreams could be representative of a secret that you are hiding from others.
Remember, these are not the only things that dreaming about a werewolf can represent, rather some of the more common things.  To decide which fits you, you’ll have to look at your self, your history, and what you’re feeling…this will help you figure out which it could be.  And also remember – sometimes dreaming about a werewolf, is simply dreaming about a werewolf!! 😉



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43 Responses

  1. Tia says:

    My dreams are reoccurring and often turn into a nightmare. The werewolves attack me and my family in the middle of no where and in a cabin with colorful bright changing leaves billowing all around me. Does it mean anything if their claws and fangs are rather large in size??

  2. Tia says:

    @Tia: Are you copying my name or is your real name Tia?

  3. Night hawk says:

    I had a dream where me and a girl and our friends whur running away from something we ended up on a beach and the girl turned into a werewolf and told me i was here twin the ended up changing into a werewolf and them the whole group did

  4. PRASHANT says:

    I don’t know what it means but this dream is real Pls send the Meaning by mail. In the middle of the forest at a full moon night I heard a wolf howl and run towards the lake with full moon reflection to my horror I turned back and a black werewolf growling I ran around the edge of the lake to be stopped by a white werewolf. I was relieved he said to me LIKE HIM I WAS ALSO AN WEREWOLF and the gentle creature disappeared. Then, the black werewolf made his appearance . At last I was transformed into the white werewolf.

    BLACK WEREWOLF looked much like a beast
    WHITE WEREWOLF looked like a werewolf with native american look

  5. shu says:

    I know these dreams are all symbolic and I seek guidance in interpreting this dream. Please do send me your view.

    I decided to go look for a dear ‘someone’ I can’t remember who it was but it was someone important for sure. I knew he could be dead or possibly turned into a werewolf by the ‘werewolf attack’. A friend (guy) decided to go with me because he couldn’t stop me. Right when I ran outside of the house, I saw a couple dogs (scattered) sitting quietly. I saw them looking at me. They were all very cute. Small to medium dogs. Fluffy white.
    Then I spotted the werewolf. He runs on all 4 chasing me. I ran quickly back to the house and closed the metal door first. Locked it. The werewolf was so strong I could see and feel the door slowly being pulled out. The guy friend who was next to me. I looked at him and said im sorry you have to go. I sacrificed him and the werewolf immediately grabbed him and bite him down hard. I didn’t see blood however. Waking up I was terrified and don’t know what to think or do.

  6. Recently dreamed of a female friend turning into a Werewolf. I remember how I turned and fled in terror and how I felt she was coming to get me. I was running down darkened lanes and I could hear a loud howling in the distance and then running footsteps getting louder behind me. Strange thing is, in real life she is one of most helpful, friendly and inoffensive people I know.

  7. Evaluna says:

    this means you’re going to become a werewolf or you’ve just been watching too much supernatural movies

  8. Hello, my name is Bonnie. I hope this finds you well. Ever since I was 8, I’ve had a specific wolf in my dreams. When I have these dreams I wake up with a massive headache and my heart is pounding. I’m 39 years old now. I’ve looked online for answers and they just don’t feel right. Why would the same wolf visit my dreams for over 30 years? I’m not afraid of him and he is not trying to harm me. I say him because that’s what I know in my heart. Dream interruption, stupid websites posing as legit, no one takes me seriously. This has made a impression on my life because I know that there is some type of connection there, I just don’t know why. I hope you can help because I’m running out of hope. Thank you and have a good weekend.

    • Crystal Truitt says:

      I had a dream last night about werewolf’s. So I am a werewolf. I am looking in the mirror in my human form but I do not look like I actually look in real life. I am looking at my teeth and saying to myself inside that my teeth where to big. Then all of a sudden I am in the old almost abandoned type house. I know that my pack are there also. Then one of them says that they seen a werewolf outside the window. Then I see a couple different werewolfs outside and I am scared when he says he seen one and I am really scared when I see the couple different one’s. I know we must fight this other pack. So we start to change into our wolf selfs and begin to burst through the doors of the house to the outside to get this other pack. Then I got woken up from my husband.

  9. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ #Trainer# says:

    Bonnie, I believe that your inner wolf is trying to communicate with you, that it’s time to trust your instincts and do what you feel is right even when no one is on your side… Maybe it’s been saying all along that you need to be yourself even when it means losing a lot, you gain more than you lose, so I guess fo up to him in your dream, and say, “Hello, my dear friend I’m glad I’ve known you,” and follow him… Maybe…

  10. Tiffany Cooper says:

    I had a dream and it’s reoccurring, the same place and same werewolf in it for over 3 yrs now and it’s scaring me so I’d like your interpretation. In it my vehicle always stops in a hilly park area in the daytime with lots of people in the park and I’ve always noticed him inadvertently and taken off running. And he chases me on all fours back up the road but never catches me. What is going on? Please help me figure this out.
    thank you

  11. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ #Trainer# says:

    Well, sorry for being late, but, maybe your inner wolf is trying to make it’s presence known and by chasing you saying you have run away from your self, I believe that you should once approach him and see what happens, I had awoken my inner wolf by doing that…. but I really think he’s just trying to talk to you, but he never catches you because you block him out, maybe you don’t accept who you are, but I’ll never know, TTYL…

  12. Devin says:

    I had my first werewolf dream as a small child. I remember being bitten by a wolf and thus turned into one later on. I still have them as an adult in my 40’s except now when I change I am protecting others from wolves and even vampires and monsters. I have always in the dreams worried about killing others but I never ever do I only seem to attack evil. I have had a Chinese friend read my palm and he said I am very based in my emotions and he said as a person I am very aggressive. It sounds crazy but my native Amrican friends Grandfather told him (when I was 13) that I was a shapeshifter. He was a blackfoot indian. Ive had my cards read before and the wolf is always attached to me, always it seems to be my main card. I have always been a protector of others against bullies and as an adult I breed German Sheperds as well. I just started having the dreams again after about 2 years and I am starting to have them again. My wife mentioned that I haven’t been sleeping and I pace around the house at night. I hate to spill my guts like this but has anyone ever had these things happen to them?

    • Devin says:

      I almost forgot in the dream I am typically a white werewolf and I am always hunting evil.

  13. Kartika says:

    3 years ago i dreamed about a black werewolf. In my dream i’am not alone, there is many kids that being chased along with me. We run really hard and then i decided to hiding rather than run away like the other kids. While i’am hiding inside a car, the werewolf catch me and hold my hand. He said, ‘Oh, its you. I’am not looking for you now. Where is your Father?’. I said i don’t know why are you looking for my Father and trying to runaway. And then not long after that i wake up in fear and its feel so real, i can still feel his big fury hand grip my hand until now. You know what, 6 months later my Father passed away. Until today i’am still blamed myself and family why didn’t they trust me, why i can’t convinced them about my dream. And yesterday i dreamed about werewolf again, but in this case he is a white werewolf. In my dream i’am with my brother and its seem he is unbothered with the presenced of werewolf infront of us(or maybe he can’t see it,thats why) . I’am really afraid, fear, almost screaming, but the white werewolf look so sad while howling. He knew i can see him but he didn’t attack me, just howling in the edge of side road. Can you please help me to figure this out? Why did i keep dreaming about werewolf, i feel a bad thing might be happen in future.

  14. Allison says:

    Hi I keep dreaming about a vampire who can transform into a black wolf with red eyes. His name is Edward and he protects and loves me. I love him too but not in a boy/girlfriend way. Why do I keep dreaming about him?

  15. Brittany says:

    Last night, I dreamt I was a werewolf following others but they were just wolves through some city that I didn’t recognize. At first, I was above the city coming around the side of a roof before I found an alleyway that I jumped down to. Once I was in the alley, I found a little girl. I didn’t attack her though.

  16. CV says:

    I have this dream that I usually have alot but this time the ending was different and actually included ppl I know. So I’m running through an old town from a werewolf but I am one too it feels like they are trying to make me join them, I run up a water tower and there are 2 kids there just talking so I sit with them and they are talking about the things that are happening in the town. As that’s going on one of them gets attacked and I get knocked out I wake up outside a catacombs with a dog a guy runs into the catacombs calling out a name it seems like he’s lookong for someone, I go in I’m hiding behind pews and he goes deeper into the catacombs as he disappears a group of werewolves show up which I know no one in the group but they say they are looking for that guy and me, I wait till they start searching and I go back outside and I hid in this dirt pile next to a car as I’m hiding a bunch of motorcycles and cars pull up and they’re talking about me. My dog is tight next to me obviously above the dirt and he starts barking this guy comes over and grabs my dog and is about to twist his neck and I reach out the dirt and slit his throat with my claws, I jump up grab my dog and hop on a motorcycle and speed off this time when I got drove away I was actually in a familiar place which was my actual home and I was hiding outside and my dad pulls up but I didn’t come out of cover but then my sister and her friend show up and I quickly come out and tell them they need to leave and I kinda explain what’s going on and they say they aren’t leaving so we wave my dad over and tell him he has to leave and me my sister and her friend are thinking of a place to hide and I suggest the ditch but it’s different. There’s the ditch and then there’s this covered arch way between the ditch and my fence around my house so we go into it and there’s a bunch of chairs in there so we get behind some so we’re less visible but there’s huge rats in there like the size of a chihuahua and I start freaking out because one jumps on my back and then I woke up because I got scared

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