Have you been dreaming about werewolves?  What do werewolves in dreams symbolize?

People who study dreams believe that people or things in your dream represent things from your waking life or self.  Dream interpretation can help you understand things you might not have known – or admitted – about yourself – your innermost fears, your secret wishes, your true desires… there is a whole range of things that things from your dreams can represent.

Most often, anything in your dream can be interpreted a number of ways – it can have multiple meanings.  Once you know what the meanings are, you should examine your own life, history, and feelings, and you’ll most likely be able to interpret what your dream most likely represents for you.  Dreams are incredibly individual, so remember, these interpretations – while true for many people – are only guidelines – while they apply in many situations and to many people – they may not necessarily apply to you.  For example, while dreaming about a wolf could represent solitude, or mystery, or loneliness – you might be dreaming about a wolf simply because you saw a wolf the day before! In other words, use these dream interpretations as guidelines, and remember to adjust them to your individual situation as needed.  :-)

So, what does dreaming about a werewolf mean?

Like all dream symbols, werewolves in dreams can mean a number of things.  But typically, those werewolf dreams, can mean one of the following:

1. Dreaming about a werewolf could mean that something in your life is not quite as it appears.

2. Werewolves in your dreams could also mean that you are feeling very strong emotions.

3.  They could mean you are craving more excitement in our life.

4.  They could mean that you feel like something in your life is out of your control.

5.  Werewolves can symbolize internal conflict.

6.  They can symbolize some type of internal change that your undergoing.

7.  It could symbolize you are repressing some part of your personality.

8.  It could mean that you subconsciously feel that some part of your personality or self is self-destructive.

9.  If could represent a feeling of empowerment you are feeling in your life.

10.  These dreams could be representative of a secret that you are hiding from others.
Remember, these are not the only things that dreaming about a werewolf can represent, rather some of the more common things.  To decide which fits you, you’ll have to look at your self, your history, and what you’re feeling…this will help you figure out which it could be.  And also remember – sometimes dreaming about a werewolf, is simply dreaming about a werewolf!! 😉