Dreams of being a werecreature

We’ve had a couple of comments on here about humans dreaming that they were different creatures, or dreaming that they transformed into a different creature. This causes confusion, and many come on here seeking guidance and understanding. Is it possible that they are actually werecreatures? Do dreams tell the story of who they really are? What should they do?

There are many ways to interpret dreams, and what fits in one instance does not necessarily fit in all instances. Often times dreaming of an animal represents a hidden side of yourself that you are rejecting into your subconscious. Key to these kinds of dreams are embracing that side of yourself when you are awake, not just asleep – this can lead to a transformation where you are now whole and complete and have a better outlook on life, more energy, and a better sense of self-being. I have heard some werecreatures report that it also leads them to a true physical or spiritual transformation as well. Whatever the end result will be, do not be afraid of these dreams – you must acknowledge them, embrace them, and accept that side of yourself…you will become wholer, better, and more complete through this process.



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92 Responses

  1. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    and what if you have dreams of being more than what you are? I am a wolf.. but my dreams tell me that I’m more.. every time I try to grasp at this it fades and i don’t remember.. is it just because i’m not ready or because i’m not accepting it properly?

  2. Logan says:

    I hear that there IS 2 ways to become a werewolf…

  3. Jeff says:

    ‘ey logan. lol, read mah post XP

  4. Logan says:

    Ok, I’m going too, (I only started posting 30 minutes ago…)

  5. Jeff says:

    Oh alright lol. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE- I mean, the blog.. O_o

  6. Logan says:

    And, oh, I just signed up for this cool group called blue moon, heard of it?

  7. Jeff says:

    Yea lol.

    In fact, you’re speaking to the owner right heah XP

  8. Logan says:

    cool! 🙂

  9. Jeff says:

    Btw, Are you, by any chance, the Logan who used to go to Morningside Elementary?

  10. Logan says:

    I just posted in you forum… WERE TALK. I found a meathod that turns ppl into werewolves…

  11. Artemis says:

    What are the two ways to become a werwolf? I only know of one?

  12. Logan says:

    No, I’m from louisiana… I never attended morningside…

  13. Logan says:

    The 2nd way is by sleeping on the ground, with no human comforts, on a friday night, when the moon is full. (THIS WON’T HAPPEN UNTIL SEPTEMBER 4, 2009)

  14. Jeff says:

    Ehh… Don’t get your hopes up, dood…

  15. Jeff says:

    That is, if you were to try that.

  16. Logan says:

    Jeff, Are you a werewolf?

  17. Jeff says:

    Um, yeah. It’s not what you think at all, dood.

    1. It is spiritual, for now. So we don’t shift on the full moon or whatever.
    2. You are born with it. The only way to become one is not what you think, and it is VERY risky, and I’m not telling you how to do it, either.
    3. We AREN’T monsters, lol.

  18. Logan says:

    I got email

  19. Agent Foxx says:

    whats this about wanting to be a werewolf?

  20. Logan says:

    Hmmmm…whom are you?

  21. Agent Foxx says:

    i am a kitsune that works for the company and you

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