Evil Possessions cause werewolves to transform?

Werewolf967 –
You think that werewolves are the ultimate evil under straight command from the devil???!!! This is a huge statement!!!

I will get to this in a minute, but first let me address infection vs. possession:

Since it is true that werewolves do transform under the full moon – and there are very few legends that dont conform to this theory – then we can say with pretty definite certainty that there is no question the moon has something to do with the transformation. But I’m not quite ready to say yet that it’s a demonic possession…think about this….Have you heard that during the full moon there are many more accidents and crimes than normal? Have you heard that sometimes people (normal human people) act very strange during the full moon – getting in bad moods or funks that they’re usually free from the rest of the month? The moon and it’s cycles influence normal people! Well, instead of a possession…could it just be that the werewolf infection is causing the person to have an increased sensitivity to the moon’s influence? Thus, when the moon comes out, anyone that is “infected” will be heavily influenced by the moon – which might appear to be a possession, but really is not!

Just think about that for a minute.

Now, if I do decide to go along with you for a minute and say ok, a werwolf transforms because he is possessed.   I still do not say that he has no soul! Let’s go back to the rabid dog for example. Rabies is an illness of the central nervous system causing an inflammation of the brain. It can be spread by saliva through bites. It causes animals (or humans) to act abnormal…and sometimes to act aggressive…it causes headaches and fevers and itching and pain…hallucinations, and confusion…. now, if you were a rabid dog going through this, of course you would not be able to be reasoned with!! you’re hallucinating and in pain so of course there will be no reasoning with you! but this does not mean that you have no soul! or that your soul has been possessed by evil. It merely means that you are very, very sick with the rabies virus.

I agree the infection starts with the werewolf virus…but I am still not so certain that it is the devil that takes over.  Give me proof it is and evil possession that takes over! Proof! SLAP!



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44 Responses

  1. Antwan says:

    i dont care if it a virus or not i want to be a WEREWOLF!!!!

  2. then get bit then wait for the full moon dont go searching for a werewolf they will find you a few nights of tranformation will cause you serious pain wnen turning

  3. Sabre says:

    Humans really need to learn how to accept what they are.

  4. antwan wants to be a wolf l have changd in person now so we l mite put anger in to words sabr ok mutt and suki wanted to talk to you last nite jt to let you know

  5. Sabre says:

    Yes thank you bloodhound I had to deal with other things.

  6. fer enuf do u now what wolf l am cause l need to talk to carly about dis

  7. Sabre says:

    I know but it is not my place to say

  8. soulwolf says:


  9. lycanhope says:

    wow, this topic and the comments have many mistakes. first of all, werewolves are not a virus, so getting bitten will only give you a normal infection, but we wouldnt bite you anyway. second we are not possessed what are you on? third Antwan, if i could help i would but i cant so you have to accept that ur human and learn to deal with it. fourth soulwolf, why dont you want to be a werewolf? this is just curiousity as to what aversion you have as most people on this site are lined up.

  10. knowledge seeker says:

    first its not a possession its a curse or a virus however some are born into it. second since the moon is the symbol of the goddess the mother of all creatures how can they be evil the goddess is good and like humans the werewolves have a choice 2 b either good or evil. i think the evil possession idea comes from the supposedly good christians who try to destroy what they dont understand.

  11. knowledge seeker says:

    just as they tried to wipe out witches who are mainly good during the burning times. by the way most of the people that were killed back then were not even witches just accused of witchcraft. christians are more evil than werewolves or vampyres could ever be.

  12. Kkingman says:

    i remember wanting to be a werewolf i got a tip from a website (i cant remember the name) that you can summon one so i tried it and it worked but the bite hurt like HELL

  13. Martin says:


    The devil has nothing to do with it. his work is the demons work. NOT the werewolves or the vampires..
    werewolf virus?… well, maybe.
    But a possession? no f*** way! ain’t no demon!

    it’s a pure soul from a man and a wolf melted together.. the best explanation i can come with….. and a werewolf can be as good and bad as a vampire or normal PEOPLE…!!

  14. Werewolves rock!!!!!!!!!!! Does the rituals work to turn you into one????

    • Lunar says:

      No it doesn’t work.. Thank God! Because then we’d have a bunch of no nothing wannabes running around as something they simply aren’t cut out to be.. if they had been, they would have been made that way.

  15. I think Martin’s right,werewolves can just be normal people like you and me!!! And it’s not up to the devil!!!! (If you want a real werewolf game,go to crimson moon.com)

  16. Will someone tell me something to turn me into a werewolf!!!!! Please????

    • Lunar says:

      Because they draw up a fantasy in their heads on what it would be like based on books, movies, tv series, and video games.

  17. Somnium says:

    Btw i don’t really like the new layoout

  18. Kelly (just is) says:

    Purple is a color.

  19. i thought purple was a name o_0 now i’m confused….

  20. Somnium says:

    What a great news…

  21. wait wait wait purple is a name???? oh an ppl want to be a werewolf cause they think its all cool until they turn into one

  22. Kelly (just is) says:

    Lunar and I talked about this, they want the power for usually typical petty things.

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