evil werewolves love humans

I know the change is hard, I know at times you think you have to hide it, I know it may be for the best if you do. If you can hide the curse than it may make you feel better -keep you in denial avoid the truth. If you can hide it it may keep people from thinking you are crazy, or keep people from thinking that you can’t manage your own life. But maybe you are crazy, crazy for trying to live with being human and werewolf. Only we know the truth, we know who is werewolf and who is not, we know if we are evil werewolves or not, we know if we can mange being werewolf or not. We can shape the humans mind into thinking we are one way but what they don’t know is the secret, the secret of being werewolf.   There are many werewolves in this world, in every city, every state, every country, you are not alone, most try to keep the secret. They keep it to protect the ones they love -humans. Werewolves love humans, just ask the evil werewolves how much they love humans. stay away from evil and you will find the truth



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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75 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    It’s true, I don’t like to get my hands dirty and I only use disturbing killing when I’m against a group or really pissed off. Otherwise I kill clean. And there is more than enough humans to supply fresh blood.

  2. lee ann says:

    Usually I play with their mind to convince them to cooperate though

  3. sabrefang says:

    I must say though for one thing I felt this way but I now have the strength to tell some and one being a parent and I was amused when she looked at me and smiled and said im just like my biological father………..means something and I think shes known, she acts like its nothing but still asks me stuff she doesnt pretend like I never said it. I feel relief at that because I know one person who I want to protect can understand why I act the way I am but only she knows in the family the rest can not know because I know them so well I can easily tell you what each person would say.

  4. Argentus Lupus says:

    Very cool

  5. Rastio says:

    i wish i didnt hide it from my parents but their just too damn paranoid and have little trust for me

    but my dad… i think he might know about me he acts…diffrent?
    anytime he finds something relating to wolves in any way shape or form he tries to bring it to my attention

  6. Rastio says:

    im open to suggestions…

  7. Sabrefang says:

    have you ever asked him why he brings it up to your attention?

  8. Rastio says:

    not really and if he justs says something like “thought youd be interested” it would either prove me wrong, make him suspicious, or hes really good at hiding the fact he might be one

  9. Sabrefang says:

    it sounds like he is trying to help you more than anything I think he knows you are one and that he knows he is one

  10. Rastio says:

    i guess but i really dont like being rejected even more so by family
    if he finds out when it turns out hes not one
    that could screw everything up and the last thing i need is my own parents dumping me into some asylum

  11. Sabrefang says:

    so it goes back into the questioning him on why he tries to bring it to your attention

  12. Rastio says:

    *loods left and right*

    did we just go in a circle?

  13. Sabrefang says:

    sometimes in order to get to the right path you must take the one on the left and sometimes that will take you back the way you came. Because sometimes there is only one way

  14. Rastio says:

    ugh… make some sense damn you! lol

  15. Akitha says:

    Hey, sabrefang… Sorry for all of teh Q’s, but…

    Does taking mental medicine hinder or help teh awakening? Because one night I was on medicine, and another night… Well, you get teh hint… o_o

  16. Sabrefang says:

    it depends on the drugs

  17. Hellius says:

    What happened to your avatar? It’s a pedo smile…

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