evil werewolves love humans

I know the change is hard, I know at times you think you have to hide it, I know it may be for the best if you do. If you can hide the curse than it may make you feel better -keep you in denial avoid the truth. If you can hide it it may keep people from thinking you are crazy, or keep people from thinking that you can’t manage your own life. But maybe you are crazy, crazy for trying to live with being human and werewolf. Only we know the truth, we know who is werewolf and who is not, we know if we are evil werewolves or not, we know if we can mange being werewolf or not. We can shape the humans mind into thinking we are one way but what they don’t know is the secret, the secret of being werewolf.   There are many werewolves in this world, in every city, every state, every country, you are not alone, most try to keep the secret. They keep it to protect the ones they love -humans. Werewolves love humans, just ask the evil werewolves how much they love humans. stay away from evil and you will find the truth



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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77 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    it can effect people but it really depends on what it is

  2. who knows about those looking for me and blood wolf sabre wind just mentioned it

  3. sabrefang someting is up wit alice

  4. BlueWerewolf says:

    werewolf967 are you a werewolf? because you act prety strange

  5. Jeremy says:

    Blue he has the name werewolf967 and he tellz stuff i can’t even think of i pretty sure what you think he is.

  6. Astianax says:

    oooohhhhh… interesting… i may not see or know a werewolf in close range but i believe in them as i believe in myself as half a demon ^^

  7. tristen says:

    i can relate to this n what yall r sayin…..a few years ago a kid was teasing me cuz my great grand dad died n i got so angry i jump kicked him n i almost killed him …..when i was 5 my bro hit me n i threw a 200 pound couch at him but i missed so hes still alive

  8. tristen says:

    like i know werewolves exist cuz well i am one but ive never met a vampire

  9. tristen says:

    ok i got a Q ummm i am like gonna go out wit this girl….how do i hide what i am…PLZ HELP

  10. Lycanhope says:

    @tristen: Sorry, I’m still digesting the couch episode… Ummm, well obviously don’t say anything. Try not to think wolfish, I find loud music helps because it doesn’t let you think… seriouslly, a whole couch? That’s… a bit worrying actually… I’d suggest an anger management course for that.

  11. tristen says:

    ive taken them…the first was a pedophile n well tried to….u know ….so i bit his arm….so i dont trust many ppl anymore….n yes the whole thing i find it odd cuz since the couch i havent been able to tap into that strength fully

  12. tristen says:

    i hate school cuz someone almost found out n it was killing me cuz they are close to the girl i love n if she found out then itd b all over

  13. Lycanhope says:

    @Tristen: Yeah… that last post, and the bloodline one which isn’t showing up, have confirmed my suspicions that either a) you’re outright lying, or b) you’re really, really, really, REALLY misinformed. Remind me, why do you think you’re a werewolf? I don’t think you said. Also, if you’ve killed someone, why the hell would you say so on a public site?

  14. Lycanhope says:

    My bad, neither of the posts are showing up, my question still stands though.

  15. tristen says:

    maybe im just a kid whos insane and im just trying to convince myself that my life has meaning other than being a dyslexic kid who isnt going to make it anywhere in life and i did kill someone but it was purely out of self defence some ppl act like they know u just cuz u say something but they dont know anything.ive seen things that could make men shi t their pants n maybe all that ive said has been a elusion ive created to keep me from going over the deep end …but what if im not and ur wrong

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @Tristen: Why is it that whenever I ask a question on this site, people explode?
    From what you’ve given me, all I can tell is that your information on werewolves is unorthodox to downright wrong, so I asked where you got your information. The fact that you’re dyslexic doesn’t matter, I have friends with dyslexia, but my natural reaction to “I killed someone” is “why are you telling me?” Self defense is a reasonable excuse, next time say it instead of accusing people.

  17. tristen says:

    sorry bout explodin…..im in desperate need of a good way to vent my anger…..any suggestions i mean cuz honestly u seem as if u know a lot so ya any advice?

  18. Astute newt says:

    try a heavy bag or a speed bag (both are punching bags) or just go for a run

  19. tristen says:

    thx i think ill try it ^-^

  20. tristen says:

    it worked a bit

  21. shadow says:

    To be honest im not sure what I am in a past life I was of demonic royalty but now I think I might be a vampire/were Wolf breed but in not to sure and if I am would that mean im demon/vamp/Wolf/Human? im just confused as hell my life is Damn confusing.

  22. Lee Ann says:

    Demonic Royalty?

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