Extraordinary Once in a Lifetime Event Tonight – Full moon and Summer Solstice align!

summer solstice full moonFor the first time in close to fifty years, the full moon and the summer solstice will fall on the same day!! The last time this happened was back in 1967 – and the next time it will happen won’t be until 2062 (UTC)!  This is a remarkable once in a lifetime event for many!!

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and marks the beginning of summer – this year it falls on June 20, 2016 for North American time zones. The summer solstice is widely celebrated across cultures and history – celebrations occur in Stonehenge, midsummer feasts have occurred through history, and festivals happen throughout different cultures.

Need daylight? Not to worry! Today you’ll get plenty of it!! The summer solstice is particularly interesting because it marks the longest day and shortest night of the entire year!  Although June 20 will be the longest day you get in all 365 days of 2016, here’s an interesting fact:  it will not have the earliest sunrise or latest sunset!  The earliest sunrise is typically sometime before the summer solstice and the latest sunset comes on a day after the solstice!

What makes this year extraordinary however, is that on the night of the summer solstice, if you look up to the sky, you’ll see a big bright beautiful full moon!! The Strawberry Moon!  The full moon is called the Strawberry Moon not because it occurs on the summer solstice, but because the full moon on June is typically called the Strawberry Moon , named for the strawberry picking season.

The chances of seeing a full moon on the exact day of the summer solstice are incredibly rare – in fact, so rare, that some people will only ever see it once in their entire lifetimes!!




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