Extreme heat affects werewolf hunting habits!

The extreme heat that much of the United States is seeing is having an effect on everyone. For humans it means thatHow does heat affect the werewolf? they are trying to stay inside and stay cool. But what does it mean for werewolves?  What this means for werewolves is a change in hunting habits – in some cases for the better, in others for the worse.

The change starts with what is happening to animals. Because of extreme, excessive heat, many areas are seeing drought conditions, which are forcing animals to come closer to populated areas in search of water.  For werewolves in urban areas near large cities, this means that they do not have to travel far to hunt.  Prey are coming right up to the back door!  It also means that there are fewer attacks on humans as animal prey is plentiful.

Sun Solar Flare

Coronal Mass Ejection as viewed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on June 7, 2011. Credit: NASA/SDO

Werewolves in rural areas (countryside) are however seeing the opposite effect.  They are seeing wildlife virtually disappear as the animals seek out more populated areas.  The werewolf in the country is therefore traveling farther and farther to hunt, sometimes still not finding animals, resulting in an increase of their likelihood of attacking a human.

What about werewolves and the cold?

Watch this video of a “Massive Solar Eruption”



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