eyes of a werewolf

When you see a werewolf can you recognize who he or she is as a human?  If it’s your friend, or family member would you be able to tell who it was when he or she is in werewolf form?  It is thought in Norway and Iceland, that people who become beasts, are only be recognizable through their eyes. So, if you can make eye contact with a werewolf, and recognize who he/she was in human form, then can you communicate with him/her?  Convince the werewolf you’re a friend? There is a slim possiblity that this could work, but the full immersion of mind and body involved when becoming a werewolf will make it extremely difficult for you to rationalize with him/her.  For most werewolves, they are completely immersed in being a werewolf, and communicating as their friend would be extremely difficult.  Some however who have been werewolves for a longer length of time may be able to overcome their instincts.



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161 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    I’m running out of popcorn.
    This is WAY better than Twilight.

  2. jack says:

    no but i can say for sure ur bluffing

  3. Alpha says:

    Im not bluffing, what makes you think im bluffing

  4. Some people are so stuck-on stupid

  5. GabbyWhiteMoon says:

    Well 2 years later and there are some good, funny readable comments, but I still once in a while study werewolf lure.

  6. zilver says:

    werewolf are real, ive seen many mysteries. so i can tell that they are real for sure.

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