Fact or Fiction: werewolves hate vampires

As many of you have heard, yes, there is a long standing feud between werewolves and vampires – but not all of them.. and yes! It is possible for them to get along!!

In fact, all werewolves do not hate vampires. For the most part, most werewolves feel pretty neutral on the subject until or unless a vampire angers them. Some even recognize vampires as another creature also hated and feared by humans and feel a slight kinship to them.

The truth is, it is more vampires that hate werewolves than the reverse. Vampires can’t help but see living beings as food, and since werewolves are living beings, they hunger for their blood. Werewolves are however extremely strong and difficult for a vampire to overpower, and because of this, they harbor a deep-seated resentment. Vampires like to be the most powerful creature, and they can’t stand knowing that they cant easily overpower the lycanthrope.



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97 Responses

  1. The whole vampire/ werewolf hate eachother thing is false!!!! I am half vampire and half shifter and if they hated eachother- I would be dead. My pack would have killed me.

  2. hi i am a werewolf and a little confused because i can shift as in turn into a wolf what is that called what ever it is its awesome

  3. thatgye says:

    @NewToTheWholeWerwolfThing/ their is a term for a werewolf who can turn into an actual wolf. the term is skin walker.

  4. thatgye says:

    I don’t actualy hate vamps. nor do most of the werewolfs i know. we just don’t like them because most of them are —-‘s. most of them have egos the size of Russa

  5. Kid wolf says:

    This is a lot to take in

  6. Wow,that was insightfull and not racist at all!!!

  7. Lunar says:

    @Velix Hollow:
    Neither am I.

  8. O Wildish says:

    It’s uncanny that you said “Vampires like to be the most powerful creature” as one of my creations for a sci-fi fiction I intend to write is sort of cosmic super-vampire known as Emperor O’Megus (also known as the “Arch-Fiend”), Omegus is also the ultimate megalomanic bully, who is uterly obsessed with power, he basically wants to be God… and also he happens to be the most poweful villian in all creation, ironically his arch enemy Dr. Todd Roone is a slightly above averge human with no superhuman (or inhuman) powers, just his intellect,combat skills and fox like cunning

  9. Murdered_Marianette says:

    this is all very interesting. i would suggest the werewolves have some sort of “get-to-gether” if only humans wouldn’t try killing them. they are just afraid. and i fear how many fakes would try and interfere with the plans. i hate fakes of any kind. they have no point. grow up, be an individual. stop trying to be something you are not.

  10. ILiekPizza says:

    I am in love with a vampire. I sometimes wish she would have chose me. She did admit she did love me but she also was in love with one of my human friends.

    At that point I told her that if she wants to go with him then she could. I didn’t want her to be with me if I knew she wouldn’t be truely happy.

    Anyway this just shows that the feud between us is false.

  11. Koma Akashiya says:

    A Lyncan derives it’s power of speed from the moon, the stronger the moon’s rays, the faster the werewolf, if you take that away, they can be easily overpowered by vampires.

  12. Roach Steel says:

    I’m a Werewolf, and hopefully none of you are hunters. But anyway, I have a friend who was a vampire but apparently drank a potion to make her human
    Does anyone know what she drank.
    P.S I’m also an elemental and my powers are amped by my werewolfism 😉

  13. Roach Steel says:

    Oh and also
    Who thinks there should be more games with vampires, werewolves and stuff like that. 🙂

  14. Laika says:

    It’s just my personal opinion, but I’m a Wolf and I really don’t like vampires. I think they’re very snobs.

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