Feel what it’s like to transform into a werewolf with a lucid dream!

Often, before a human becomes or discovers that he or she is a werewolf, they will experience transformations in their dreams. Often, these transformations are never remembered and the person doesn’t even realize that they have experienced a dream shapeshift. It is possible however to train yourself to start remembering your dreams so that these experiences aren’t lost.

Even better however than merely remembering your dreams, you can actually train yourself to “wake up” in your dreams and actually experience the transformation as if you were awake!!


Have you ever been asleep and in a dream, and all of a sudden realized that you were dreaming? That state of awareness where you suddenly realize that you’re asleep and in a dream state is called a “lucid dream” sometimes it’s called a “waking dream”.  What makes this interesting is that when you are in a lucid dream you are actually aware of everything that you are doing.

Lucid dreaming really works too – many people that have trained themselves to have lucid dreams will use it to learn or practice things – and those things have been shown to actually carry over into the waking world! For example, people have used it to practice skills that they want to learn or are afraid of in the waking world – like public speaking, martial arts, ballet or tap dancing!

With lucid dreams you can therefore not only practice shapeshifting into werewolf form, but actually feel what it is like to shapeshift!!

Lucid dreaming takes practice.   It does not always happen on the first – or even the tenth try! but if you are persistent and practice the proven techniques, you can eventually learn how to do it!


  1. Practice remembering your dreams.
    This is the first step in learning how to lucid dream – you have to practice waking up from your sleep and recalling your dream.  Start keeping a little notepad and pen by your bed and as soon as you wake up, right down what you remember as soon as you wake up.  TIP: Write down your dream as soon as you wake up BEFORE you do anything else! If you do anything else, chances are pretty high you will not remember your entire dream!
  2. Recognize you’re dreaming with simple “reality” tests.
    Start testing to see if you are dreaming or awake. Start your tests while you are awake. A very good test is checking the time, then looking back at the time to see if it is the same or if it has changed. In the real world, the time will stay consistent (or change by one minute), in the dream world, the time will never stay the same! It will be completely different! If you do these tests regularly while you are awake, it will become second nature and you will start to do them while you are sleeping! And when you do it in your sleep and see the time change drastically, you will instantly know you are indeed sleeping!
  3. Mneumonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming
    This technique is one that some people use and is fairly simple…  As soon as you wake up from your dream, try hard to remember it in as much detail as possible.  Think about things in the dream that are cues that it’s a dream. Then fall back asleep!  Do your best to go to the same dream you just woke up from. Visualize that you are there and you see your dream cue.


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9 Responses

  1. Tia says:

    I already had this happen to me. :/ It’s kind of annoying. My dreams are getting really scary. 🙁

  2. Mary says:

    Ok first of all this dream [email protected] is like playing with your self and much like playing with your self it can never compare to the real thing. And second of all you know those dreams where you are falling and if you land people say you die in real life? well i have had one of those dreams several in fact and it just feels like you tripped and fell on a sidewalk.

    • Mr.green says:

      Still trying

    • Mr.green says:

      Looking at another site to find out what my dreams can impact and was bitten stills not afraid we are not and what happen the day before was that I had wrote a letter with him and made another memories. He knows how much I care and knows I’m saving myself but in my dream it was not him who bit and were we are going together….let’s just say via

  3. she wolf says:

    I don’t go t sleep in class. Why? It’s not because that I’m afraid of the teacher but because the clock on our wall always doesn’t change time!

  4. Attel says:

    That is useful information. This could help me study while I sleep

  5. ... says:

    This page sounds like what I already do. I can wake up, revisit my dream, or a previous dream. I can do whatever I want and involve whoever I want. Its pretty cool, but I thought this was normal dreaming for everyone

  6. okay so ive always wanted to be a werewolf and i figured out about lucid dreaming about 2 months ago and i had my first one last night , and i actually turn into a werewolf . And i was with my freinds so we were just running wild in the woods and it was amazing , LUCID DREAMING ACTUALLY MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE

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