female werewolf tranformation

When werewolf transformations are talked about or depicted, it’s almost always a male that transforms – you hardly ever hear about or see the female werewolf transformation. Part of it is because generally humans associate werewolves mainly with the male gender – but there are indeed female werewolves.

There are a few movies that depict the female shift – most notably, there is the She Wolf Of London. (Yes, I also wonder what the obsession is with London and werewolves!!)

The original movie was a film from 1946 about a series of vicious attacks that hit London. Detectives start investigating a supposed “wolf-woman” that may be responsible for the attacks. Who is the She Wolf of London?

Trailer for the 1946 film…

In the 1990s there was a TV series by the same name that had some female werewolf transformations..here are a few clips.

Best part of transformation scene is at 1:50 in the video…

See the transformation at 2:48 in the video…



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3 Responses

  1. muppetboy says:

    so youve not seen the howling then? or the howling 2? or wolf? werewolf b***? or ginger snapps? or any of the ginger snapps sequels? or attack of the werewolves? or werewolf in a girls dormitory?

  2. Wolfie says:

    where can I find a werewolf willing to bite me?

  3. Madd Dogg says:

    @Wolfie: I hate to say it but were wolf bites don’t turn you into a werewolf you have to be cursed or born with it basicly go to chat there are much smarter people on this subject

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