Female Werewolf Transformations

It’s hard to make a really good werewolf transformation – and doing one for  female werewolf transformations is even harder. Finding the balance between the human and wolf aspects of a girl is hard to do, so many movie or TV directors tend to go the easier route by just using the male werewolves.  On the screen, it’s easier for humans to relate to a male werewolf bulking up and changing physically than it is to relate to a female doing the same thing.  Most of the movies you see will therefore depict the male transformation process, so when you do find a good female transformation scene, they’re really fun to watch… hare are some videos pulled from various anime, cartoons, TV Shows, and movies of the female shift.  Enjoy!

Transformation scene from the Wes Craven movie Cursed showing the transformation of a female werewolf.

Beginning stages of transformation from the movie My Mom Is A Werewolf:

Beast Master TV Show does its own take on the female transformation process…

She-Wolf of London…look for the actual transformation during the last 15 seconds of the clip…

An anime girl werewolf transformation scene from the anime Wagaya No Oinara-sama

Gargoyles – woman into werewolf

And, just for kicks, let’s go back….way…way…back…She-Wolf of London Trailer…


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