Female werewolves

Buddy and Readers,

It is not impossible for female werewolves in werewolf form to give birth.

After having said that it would be one of the rarest moments in werewolf history for this to happen, and to my knowledge has not happened yet. The werewolf in human form first, of course, would have to be a pregnant female human. Then the female werewolf must be in a transformed state and due for pregnancy; during that brief period of time when the human is transformed into werewolf it is possible for her to give birth, but the odds of this happening – of the female werewolves actually giving birth – are not very likely. If this were to happen there is no telling what type of evil would be created, this would be a werewolf by birth and not by “infection” or “disease,” whatever it may be that you like to call it. This evil that would be created would only survive if it were able to escape the werewolf that gave it life. The werewolf, after giving birth, would immediately eat it’s young.

For female werwolves to give birth the timing on everything would have to be perfect, then,  if this were to actually happen the “baby” would also have to escape the “mother”  to avoid death, this would be impossible.



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58 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    o Suki dont know if ur there or not but I commented on your site

  2. That guy says:

    i can’t help but wonder what the kid would be like if the parents were in werewolf form during conseption.

  3. Lee Ann says:

    Um? By pups do you mean human children?… Because the contrary is not possible…

  4. brandon says:

    actually if a shewolf was to give birth the child would probably come out as a wolf pup. Than transform as a regulaur werewolf would and actually the mother wouldnt eat it but treat it as a wolf and a human would ,nourishment, love ,caring ,and protection. The pup or baby would be either a pure werewolf or a human werewolf hybrid depending on wether the father was a werewolf or not. Which ever it is the child would probably alot better control than his/her parents.The only diffrence between the two is a hybrid would have no werewolf weaknesses such as silver and wolsbane. Plus would be alot more human than a regual contagion werewolf.

  5. Shadow Hunter says:

    So is it possible for a human and a werewolf to mate, give birth, and the baby be a werewolf and/or a human?

    • Ew no thats like trying to give birth with ur dog also lets say u did, U WOULD DIE, werewolves give birth to at max 300 pups!!!!!!!! AND SUM HUMAN’S DIE FROM JUST 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Courtney says:

    So if i gave birth as a werewolf i would eat my baby awww sad

  7. ILiekPizza says:

    Werewolves do not mindlessly kill everything. If a werewolf were to give birth to a pup the only thing she would kill is the being stupid enough to approach her pup (save for the father(so long as the shewolf still loves him)).

    Even if the pup looked human the shewolf would still clean, feed and protect it.

    Werewolves can love too!

  8. Omg. I actually just took the time to read this article about female werewolves amd i just wanna say that a female werewolf will certainly not kills its pup or pups after giving birth to it. Thats a fact too. I dont need proof or anything. Its common sense. The mother would look after its young, feed it, protect it, and love itt like any other animal would.

  9. sierraH says:

    lol, what the H*** just happened here on the first comment page???

  10. nathan says:

    not any more i am a hybrid look that shit up and tell m whats more imposable yea i am a real hybrid

  11. she wolf says:

    A werewolf can give birth to both in human and wolf form. I can’t gave you the story/details becuase if I do, she would kill me.

  12. Mary says:

    one of my friends got pregnant and she made me go with her to the abortion clinic. it was really wierd.

  13. Emma says:

    Is there any way anyone with more info on the female werewolf topic could get in touch with me?

  14. Emma says:

    If anyone could, please E-mail me.
    [email protected]

  15. Mary says:

    Well the only way i can get in touch with you is on this site

  16. dlc says:

    i would mate with a werewolf female in real life if i could hell i id be into it 2 i would be like love n sight

  17. anthony says:

    ….mmmm, I think that you don’t need to know about us, if your really want to find a alive human pup, that’s is hard, but I shown my real self to people, and they cry or run away, I’m just a pup, and if the mother is in human from we do born as pups, but when at 3, we turn human, at 13, we change back, I was still a pup but look like 5 year old pup, I learned that my pup form only grows once 3 years, we age again, I’m now 18 years old, my wolf form is a small teen, only big enough to hunt for my first time, this girl saw me once turn, I was scared that she’ll put me to the cop’s or something but every day time or might sometimes she’ll peek behind tree’s, how I know, will I can smell anything near by I didn’t want to scare her because I don’t know what she would do, I’m not a big fan of humans, I’m just scared of being killed. …….

    • Jack le werewolf says:

      I fell ya im only a cub still and even though i have human friend who don’t know if the’ll kill me they find out

  18. Kitty1Shapeshifter1 says:

    It’s hard to find a human pup but I am a teen werewolf I KNOW iv seen myself shift from time to time but that’s not important really I love this site because it like understands me

  19. Eric says:

    Werewolves constantly seek forgiveness for their evil nature. We fight the genetic curse that has been placed on our minds. In the seeking we find some small measure of absolution that ignites a spark of hope. The real curse is revealed when the wolf’s shadow extinguishes that spark slowly and painfully with moonrise. Our rational selves are left to grope in the dark while the moonlight bathed monster scents, tracks, and eats.
    Happy Varkazanna!

  20. Loki says:

    BS. Why would you kill your own kids? Not a single argument was given. Some animals do that, yes but not wolves nor humans so it is total BS thad mw’s eat their children.

  21. Gracella says:

    well if anyone is truly wanting to know I myself am a werewolf by birth… I have my own child but she is not a wolf due to being a diluted version as I am half wolf half human already. My friend wants to say she is a dragon but I don’t believe that as she has not shown any signs of this.

  22. Gracella says:

    On another note we are actually quite a gentle species and movies make us out to be so terrible… yes fear making us angry but we will be gentle even when in wolf form. We are just as loving as your pet dog… just way bigger and fluffier.

  23. Alpha says:

    um…what? So since you are a werewolf that makes your kid a dragon? First off lycanthropy isnt passed down to you kids, secondly dragons are not real. Also we are not the werewolves from twilight, ya know the huge werewolves, we look like wolves, mabie a tad bit bigger but still not that big.

  24. Wolfmasterdawg says:

    Normally a She Werewolf is unable to transform when she is pregnant. She’d normally carry and birth her child as a human. The child’s transitioning happens in different ways, depending on how you design your werewolf. In some versions of Werewolves from The Originals/The Vampire Diaries, the Werewolf curse/gift is activated after their first kill, and they turn every full moon without choice– which is painful.
    in Twilight, the wolves are also born with the gene, but it must be activated, I believe whenever a Vampire kills on their territory a Werewolf is put into transition.
    Anyways, it really depends, but normally a She wolf would carry and have her child/ren in human form.

  1. December 10, 2010

    […] – werewolves are not part of that group….the word werewolf applies to both male and female werewolves.  The word can be used interchangeably to refer to either gender.  Occassionally, you might also […]

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