fighting a transformation

Is it possible to fight back a transformation? Can you resist the bodies urge to change? Can you fight back the natural process that your body is now accustomed to?  You can but it takes training and even the well trained experience pain and may not even accomplish their goal. Most of the pain is in the mind only, you have to break the barrier between human and wolf, stop the metamorphosis before it takes hold. At a point it will be too late, if you let the transformation take too much control of your body and mind before you fight back then it will be too late. You will not have chance at protecting yourself and the others around you. 

Get a grasp of reality don’t let it slip away



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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65 Responses

  1. sabrefang says:

    Argentus are you a werewolf?

  2. sydney says:

    I have to go in 13 minutes

  3. Argentus Canis says:

    I believe so, although i have not fully matured. When the full moon is out, i feel as though i have boundless energy and have increased strenght, speed, and mental capabilites. A lust for raw meat is always present.

  4. WOLFMAN says:

    I think it’s possible.

    I dont want to turn this into another question that everyone needs to answer, but can a retainer that you were on your teeth stop from you transforming or would it just break them and I would loose $?

  5. deathstroke says:

    i need to change into the lycan i was born to be if theres any real lycans out there come an find me in washington dc on the southeast side of town next to congress heights station you should be able to pick up my scent an we can talk about details later this is not a trick im not related to van helsen so please come help me become a lycan

  6. Lemus says:

    becoming a werewolf is not easy..i consider it a curse if you can’t control took me a while but i controlled it. Even if they bite u, they may not stop and eat you

  7. Todd says:

    you shouldent think of it as a cures even if u cant control it . it is a gift and like any other thing in the world you have to practice at it to gett better

  8. Kash says:

    Are you people realy werewolf’s???????

  9. Jeremy says:

    they might be i don’t know

  10. Jo and Astianax(Hates astinah foreva XD) says:


  11. Kash says:

    yes its dark

  12. Anubis says:

    omg i haven’t been here in hell knows how long….. lol i sound religous

  13. Anubis says:

    anyway anyone on

  14. Anubis says:

    guess not

  15. Anubis says:

    rlly i mean honestly the podcasts here about vampires so far are seriously lame and such a stereotype

  16. Kash says:

    any body on

  17. Astianax says:

    lol not me i guess

  18. T. Logan says:

    your site is amazing.

  19. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    good or bad in your eyes?

  20. Juliet says:

    Yes I think its sorta hard to hold back..whenever I get mad..I usually don’t do it infront of people! The only good thing about it is that my best friend is one too, so he gets me. Once I transformed infront of my aunt!! She passed out. I convinced her it was a a dream. Still today shes a little scared of me

  21. DaRk says:

    This post is really old..

  22. NaTiVe DaRk WoLf TaYlOr says:

    i feel a little afrade to go to a full shift. is that normal? any ways, i dont know of any other, shall i say “creatures” other than my self that live any were close by… i dont know, some times i feel like a alien. i know its crazy but its true.

  23. Re-searcha says:

    What in the name of Christ ha ha ha….i feel a little afraid to go to full shift? Once I transformed in front of my aunt? I like to run free when I change??? lol…Either this is what you lot truly believe, or you’re getting plenty cash for posting this stuff….if the former is the case though, then y’all must be demented.

  24. White Fang says:

    Re-searcha, step out of the bubble you live in. There is more to this earth than what many people believe. it is not the safe and glorious haven most depend on.

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