Frankenstein vs. the werewolf

Before Jason Vs. Freddy, there was Frankenstein vs. the werewolf!

It was actually called Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman – and it was a real movie matchup that Universal Studios put on the big screen in 1943! In the movie, the Wolfman (Lawrence Talbot) believes that he can find a cure to his “curse” from Dr. Frankenstein, so he goes to Dr. Frankenestein’s castle, and eventually finds himself in a fight with Frankenstein himself!

In a matchup between Frankenstein and a werewolf, who wins?

In one corner – Frankenstein!
Frankenstein has sheer size and weight in his favor – he’s huge at 8 feet tall and incredibly heavy, making a physical confrontation with the creature quite intimidating. He’s also quite intelligent, able to understand and make thought-out decisions, which could make a battle a little more difficult than one would initially think.  And, of course, Frankenstein is a true – and actual – monster!! On the other hand, he’s shunned by humanity which has left Frankenstein with a huge feeling of despair which he has immersed himself in. Despair often clouds good judgement and could lead to hasty not well-thought out decisions which could decide the battle in favor of the opponent very quickly. Frankenstein is also very very slow to move, which would be a huge advantage to an adversary in a confrontation.

In the other corner – the Wolfman!
The wolfman has the benefit of having both human intelligence and the strength, prowess, and speed of the wolf. This means that battles weigh heavily in the favor of the Wolfman – not only can he think like a human, he also has his predatory wolf instincts which are well-tuned for battle!  On the other hand, the wolfman’s same instincts that could lead him to victory in a battle, could overwhelm his human senses and thoughts with their intensity, which could make rational decisions hard to make and could  give the win in a battle to a more careful thinker.

In a battle between Frankenstein and the Wolfman, who should win?

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4 Responses

  1. Oh, yeah. Wolfman wins before the end of the second round.

  2. Whitewolf says:

    Well, for one thing, this is the Frankenstein Monster, and not Frankenstein whom was the monster’s creator. The Monster has been confused with his creator for 100 years. If the Monster would have ever got a good hold on the Wolfman, it may have been all over.

  3. Elorg says:

    I believe it said Frankenstein’s Creature had the Strength of 20 men wasn’t it? which at this point I doubt the Wolfman has any kind of physical strength to match that, and if we are matching Frankenstein’s Creature from hoe he was in the Book he is much quicker than the Zombie walker we see in the films too as well as being a highly intelligent thinker. And the Wolfman never had a humans intelligent in wolfman monster form he was totally feral and beastial. If this fight goes into a Slugfest Wolfboy is done. I wouldn’t give many other physical Monsters much a chance. Magical Entities such as Dracula or The Mummy perhaps might have a chance though if they are intelligent enough not to engage in a physical confrontation. Drac would know the value of getting his body torn and broken apart isn’t his smartest move, and nor would The Mummy, both those 2 entities might figure the best solution is not to get involved

  1. March 4, 2012

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