free ilw werewolf tshirt!

We are giving away FREE ilw werewolf T-shirts!

~Winner of the free ILW t shirt is… Kyle!!

Send us an email to the “help” so we can get your t shirt out soon! Congrats!

This drawing is in celebration of the 3 years of ILW.

Tshirt will be given away on the night of the next full moon!

Scheduled giveaway date: August 24, 2010 10pm CST. (Enter by 7PM CST)

Entry period: August 10-24, 2010 (Entries Closed!)

Winner announced August 24, 2010 10PM CST.

werewolf shirt promo

How do you get a FREE ilw werewolf t-shirt?

  1. Hit the “LIKE” button, Myspace “Share” button that is linked to this page…below
    Share on MySpace
  2. Leave a comment…tells us what your favorite werewolf movie is…or just fav. movie.. scary..funny.. anything!

Winner will be announced here on this post only by Username  (so be sure to come back to check to see if you won!).

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Additional Details: The free tshirt will be shipped inside United States and Canada only! Sorry other int. people 🙁    U.S, (including APO/FPO), and Canada only for now! T-shirt will be given away the next night there is a full moon! Don’t know when the next full moon is? We are going by this schedule of full moons 2010. Winner announced 10pm CST (Central standard time) U.S. time on the night of the full moon date on the scheduled date! Entry must be in before 7pm CST. Winner will be chosen at random (drawing) from the entries. There are two choices of t-shirts to choose from as pictured above, the purple shifter or the black shifter tee you can choose one and we will give you a selection of sizes to choose fromHere for a better view of the tees. Winner has 7 days to claim the t shirt. Winner will be announced here on this post ONLY by Username (so be sure to come back to check to see if you won!), and winner can claim the shirt by making another comment.. I WON! And/Or by send an email to help[at] claiming the tee. One entry per person. We reserve the right to cancel the contest or to change, or modify rules at any time.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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58 Responses

  1. Judy Bradley says:

    So is this the same contest? Sorry if it is – I wouldn’t have entered again as I do not want to be counted out. If it is not, then I don’t know what is going on I guess!

  2. This is a new contest! 🙂

  3. Henry Lum says:

    My favorite would have to be Wild Country. The gruesome scenes really bring out the horror that it intends to show.

  4. Hachina says:

    Spaceballs. The end.

  5. winner of the free ILW tee announced soon!

  6. winner of the free ILW t shirt is… Kyle! send us an email so we can get you the shirt out soon! congrats!

  7. Aconissa says:

    Congratulations Kyle!

  8. human/werewolf girl says:

    congrats kyle
    i guess my fav werewolf movie is eclispe

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