bad moon

The moon is huge tonight. Full moon tomorrow. People are acting weird. Moods are different. Attitudes strange. Wonder if it’s just me?

I heard dogs howling. I hear the wind howling. Things are creaking. Things are scratching. Things are going through my head.

Why is all this happening?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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73 Responses

  1. they sent it to me because we were having Fun and I kind of said some things and he started to reserch werewolfs and sent me it.

  2. Joel Linsk a real werewolf says:

    im hunting during every full moon,best of luck to any other wolves

  3. none yus says:

    you are all pathetic!
    lower than humans
    you sit here flaunting the existence of our dying race!
    werewolf HUNTERS… are just as real as we are
    if you were real werewolves you would know better than too put this BS of a site of and running… its a goddamn beacon!
    might as well say track our emails and come skin us alive!
    you are all naive and ignorant!
    and who is the idiot who says hes been a werewolf for 4 years!
    again bs werewolves are either born or are not werewolves
    constant breeding with humans has led to a dramatic drop in the birthrate of our kind!
    its a miracle im one and more so for my little sister who unfortunately is too young to understand that acting on her heritage gives us away!
    you are not wolves
    … just a cess pool of wannabes

  4. Sabrefang says:

    You my friend are more pathetic than you led me to believe you want to talk about werewolf hunters huh? you wanna talk about it being a beacon than get off. I am not afraid I was born to fight and live against the grain. You are nothing more than a werewolf who cowards the hunters and is a disgrace for it. Do you know how to make a stand? I would tell you but you are nothing more than a low life eager to prove something that will only show you as a coward.

  5. Sabrefang says:

    And how dare you even mention to say our dying race. It’s people like you that give nothing to help your kind, you make me sick. The funny thing is about it all I laugh at you because you do nothing but spread hate and poison the few real wolves we have here.

  6. steven says:

    i agree w/ u sabrefang

  7. Sabrefang says:

    I will be back I must be careful here

  8. Thankyou, None yus:)
    That was just the instigation i needed to tip the scales. 🙂

  9. LuciusGrey says:

    What is going on

  10. Sabrefang says:

    just missing the fun lol

  11. LuciusGrey says:

    Hello anyone??

  12. LuciusGrey says:

    Oh ok

  13. LuciusGrey says:

    So how have you all been doing

  14. Sabrefang says:

    Im alright I think I better go before he finds me with this outside

  15. Sorry. I am back. Hey LuciusGrey:)
    And Sabrefang, who is he?

  16. Hellius says:

    I’m still waiting for the troll to come back.

  17. Sabrefang says:

    oh that none yus hes a moron thats all

  18. Rastio says:

    dont talk to me about fighting
    i fight every day of my life you son of *****!
    im lucky to be alive and your telling me im a coward
    maybe i have too much human blood in me to understand your point of veiw

    i am alone… you’d be hiding with your tail between your legs if you had no one to fall back on so tell me again im the f****** coward when im ALONE!!
    and dont even deny it!
    you should know better… wolves dotn do well by themselves…

    and you say i spread poison and hate…are humans not the same?

    they need to be wiped from the face of the earth, this world belonged to our ancestors long before it did theirs!

    and we cant kill them if they get to us first

    but hey maybe thats how i pull off being the last werewolf… by staying hidden so what reason do i have to fight

    but what do i know right we havent been through the same things
    so enlighten me oh courageous one what sort of plan do you have for surviving?

    and for a little good faith which seems to be lacking on my part you have my real name now, not that it makes a diffrence…

  19. Sabrefang says:

    You tell us to run????? You believe humans need to be wiped out? Did you know there was a time when wolves and humans lived together and were part of a balance? Can you even understand the concept of balance? You call yourself alone but I already see that you made that choice a long time ago. As for spreading the poison you must be not see my point because wolves should not care about what the humans do worry about yourself.

    You will never be the last werewolf because there are more of us than you believe.

    Honestly changing your name does show me something. You let your anger cloud your judgement. I am not afraid of what the world brings me because I do expect that something is coming and I know that it is something I can’t. You say you fight everyday? So do I.

    It is now apparent that I can call you a friend because you have shown your true self instead of hiding behind a name.

  20. Sabrefang says:

    My point is not about having good faith. It is about standing up for yourself and your kind because if you don’t then the hunters have every reason to kill us because we show ourselves as weak.

  21. Sabrefang says:

    Know that you are not alone Rastio. Know that even with what you have said that even knowing you in a sense I would still defend one of my own kind. Know that your loneliness was your choice and that I understand that.

    Maybe it is time to break that habit

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