“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. EvaLuna says:

    im still here somehow lol jk

  2. Legend of Light says:

    That’s great 😀 so what did the peeps want? (From the end of the vid)

  3. Legend of Light says:

    Wow @Evaluna I thought you disintegrated in that black hole I almost saved you from (stares in disbelief)

  4. EvaLuna says:

    no i didnt lol but thnx anyways 😀

  5. Legend of Light says:

    Well then I guess the search party was meaningless

  6. EvaLuna says:

    (howls) anyone still awake?

  7. Leland says:

    Yo fùcking bītch I’m online right fùcking now to ruin lives

  8. Colonel Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

    mine was ruined 14 years ago… you can’t do any worse..

  9. Leland says:

    Oh really you fúcking fägot I’m certain I can cause more drama than you deem fùcking necessary. I promise your sorry fùcking æss that I can do much fücjing worse

  10. Colonel Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

    I was born, you can’t do any worse than that 😛 So you Direha gargling Shiity Cuum Sponge, suck on that!

  11. Legend of Light says:

    @Leland can’t you just buzz off for once? Jeez that guy is annoying I’m sorry @Johnathan about him he’s a nuisance

  12. Colonel Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

    IDGAF what he says, I have had so much shit I couldn’t care less about what people say about ME.

  13. Legend of Light says:

    @Johnathan being born is the best blessing you could have, otherwise none of this is possible that you could do. We all need you and you are our friend and I care about you too much to let you think being born ruins life. You are precious, you are rare, don’t throw that away. Embrace it and become the great Johnathan you were always meant to be. Just accept that being born, as bad as it may seem, is the best blessing from God you could ever get.

  14. Colonel Johnathan Robert Wolf(USMC) says:

    I’m going to be off until like 5 AM, I’m building a tank.

  15. EvaLuna says:

    @LeaLand ummmmmmmmmmm ok?

  16. Legend of Light says:

    I think he left

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