“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lupe says:

    “I find that for some days, are days where one would (or should) learn wisdom, and other days are days where we use that wisdom to help us. Unfortunately, we can be so prideful as to not listen to sound wisdom when given, that we don’t feel it is necessary to practice the wisdom on the days you need it.”

    “Greater are the days of accomplishment from completing a set goal, than the days of submitting to a more pleasurable setback.”

    “Although your life may seemingly suck, be glad that at least you HAVE a life.”

    “Love is accepting one another and loving every portion of one, not because you must, but because you do. Love is seeing everything about the person, the bad and the good, and deciding past everything that no matter what you will love them.”

    “Your subconscious thought drives your conscious action.”

    “No matter what we are, who we are, or where we came from, we always want more than what we have.”

    “People would rather have sugar coated opinions to suit their own rather than the actual truth.”

    “If emotions makes one human, then I guess I am very human, because I am filled with happiness!”

    “With God, I KNOW that tomorrow will be great, one way or another!”

    “Being human is not hard to the one who is human.”

    “Do not let an inconvenience turn into a nuisance, a good thing turn stale, and a pleasure in life become an addiction.”

    “Better it is to be of good heart, soul, and mind, than to be more accurate than the person next to you.”

    “I find that the less I am online, the less being online matters, and the more grand the world around me seems.”

    “Peace of mind is like heaven on Earth, just wrapped in a noggin that, after years of turmoil and war.. can finally rest in peace.”

    “Once that war inside has been fought, there is so much more that you can do!”

    “Do not give up once you reach the finish line, for there is still more road to walk.”

    “Some things are impossible, and cannot ever happen.. oh but the possibility of what can is extraordinary!”

    “I may not be able to do it, but I know God can!”

    “Love others as you would yourself. Those who love themselves, but not others, are the same as a thief of happiness, and a blockade of joy. But those who love others, just as they love themselves, are found to be very delightful people to be around, and generate more happiness than the former.”

    “Work what needs to be done, first before you do what you want to do. But make sure that once your done, you can get rest enough to have the energy to move on further to greatness than you were before.”

    “Oh, to be of Christ is a peaceful life, filled with happiness, joy, and love.”

    “Don’t they know that there is still a hope, still a chance to turn things around for the better – that there is still a chance to be saved?”

    “When I say, find the light in the darkness, I do not mean find yet another reason, find another way to be something you are not, to prove a point which has already been proven as false. To find the light is to find the truth and learn to accept when you are wrong, even if it’s years and centuries worth of work, and to find a light, a joy or happiness in the curse.”

    “Yes, you are cursed, we all are cursed. But learn to accept your curse and appreciate being yourself, while at the same time finding a light to your darkness, your curse, to see a better day and a better life.”

    “How can you be the Shepard dog, if you cannot learn to protect the sheep?”

    “If you want to be something, hope is only one step; trying is the second step, and the third is to just never give up until you are that thing.”

    “One can be like a wild, untrained dog, willing to fight, yet unable to take orders.”

    “A diamond is only formed through heat and pressure. The first step could end in failure, but by all means keep trying until you get it.”

    “I find that the more I do things for the Lord, the more I want to do things for the Lord.”

    “I was given wisdom, so I might as well use it to help shine a light in the darkness of people’s lives.”

    “I think we all need help at some point.”


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