“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. JoeLupe says:

    @Hyper I’m online, and currently researching to better help me on understanding my story in which I’m writing. Lol!

  2. Hyper Blossom says:

    Hey aren’t u going to sleep?

  3. JoeLupe says:

    Me? Sleep?? Bah, who needs sleep when your a were.. um.. something lol ^.^

  4. Hyper Blossom says:

    U also write stories!

  5. Hyper Blossom says:

    I know about u r a…………. u can tell me what ever u want to tell.

  6. Hyper Blossom says:

    How is it feels to be a……..?

  7. Hyper Blossom says:

    U want to know a funny thing. I forgot my birthday is today.

  8. Hyper Blossom says:

    My bro reminds me that!!!!

  9. Hyper Blossom says:

    I need to go now. We will talk at night. Bye bye .

    • JoeLupe says:

      Ok see you then lol ^.^ and also um.. it feels normal to me, I don’t have much to compare to lol ^.^ I guess it feels better than being human, that’s for sure. (In my opinion it’s better for me if I were a wereSOMETHING; yet I know as a fact that I am so I guess it’s a win situation lol)

  10. JoeLupe says:

    Wow lol and I’m not sure EXACTLY what I am, some sources say human, others say Angel, both highly unlikely (maybe genetically but..) I’m sure I’m a wereSOMETHING but I don’t know what I am.. what that something is. And Evaluna is in trouble and unfortunately I have to act like a girl on our docs because the administrative staff has been told I was a girl (I’m actually a guy) and in order to protect the “supernatural” she had to lie… ah what a world we live in lol

  11. Hyper Blossom says:

    Thanks for wishing me. And as a friend u don’t need to hide anything from me. By the way aren’t we friends? LOL!

  12. Hyper Blossom says:

    Bye bye my mom is getting so angry .

  13. JoeLupe says:

    @Hyper yeah I presume so lol however I’m not hiding anything from you, all I know is that I’m SOMETHING I’m not sure what though. And also see you later on today.

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