“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Nero says:

    Can someone tell me plz y when I hear trumpets every part of my body tingles and my hair stands up?

  2. Nero says:

    Also how is everyone?

  3. Lupe says:

    @Nero: Maybe the sound causes fear? And I’m doing well, hbu?

  4. Wolfgal16 says:

    @Nero For me, loud bassy sounds that make your chest rumble illicit a an irresistible vicious response

  5. Wolfgal16 says:

    also, hello you guts! I’m new here

  6. Lupe says:

    @Wolfgal16: Hello newcomer and welcome onto this site! ^.^ I wish good tidings on your visit here, and that you have a good time.

  7. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    hi guys…..! 😀
    wht’s upp..?

  8. Danielle says:

    Anyone know any vampire and if there real

  9. Lupe says:

    @Danielle: Well, Alvy says she’s a vampire so you can ask her.

    @Alvy: Hello ^.^

  10. Nero says:

    Lupe to ask has your spirit awakened?

  11. Lupe says:

    @Nero: To answer with a question, what do you mean by that?

  12. Wolfgal16 says:

    So, are y’all werewolves or just like to talk about werewolves?

  13. Lupe says:

    @Wolfgal16: I am not a werewolf, I just like to learn and bring the truth out.

  14. Wolfgal16 says:

    I’m a therian. The wolf is a big part of my life

  15. Lupe says:

    @Wolfgal16: Therian wolf. Interesting..

  16. MagChhasllas Iragnas WolIr says:

    Interesting in deed, I’m Iragnas, nice to meet you, I’ve heard the term before…

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