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  1. Luna says:

    Aura I am also a born lycan female but I cannot shift at all… I live in Louisiana. Now trust me my father and his father were lycans. My family has always been lycans. So I would like help learning how to shift. And yes I’m afraid of people finding out because there is 99% chance they will kill me and by they I mean Hunters.

  2. Moonlight says:

    Everyone already knows what they are and aren’t while I still am so confusedddd. I’m pretty sure none of my family members are werewolves so I don’t know how it would make sense for me to be a werewolf, but all I know is that I am constantly craving meat and no joke literally all day 24/7. It has increased the last couple of days. I have really good night vision. I also have a REALLY short temper. When ever I get mad I get really hot and start kinda shaking and yelling at the person that made me mad. I love the outdoors! I always go outside and play with my dogs and sometimes I just like to sit and relax and feel the wind blowing against me(that sounds weird lol) Im very athletic. I stay up late and like to go out during the night (don’t know if that has anything to do with being a ww). That’s all. I could just be a very weird human??

  3. Moonlight says:

    Also forgot to mention that when I get mad I clench my fists and when I come down and open my fists my nails some how digg into my skin without me clenching my fists that hard and my nails ARENT long. A drip of blood comes from the skin so not that deep but still! And this one time on the buss these kids made me angry and I turned my head to look outside and ignore them but I saw my reflection and I think my eyes were ether red or yellow-orange and my eyes are are natrully dark Brown. Could have just been the lighting of the sun or whatever though. I shut my eyes for a good 5 seconds, opened them and my eyes where back to normal which leads me to believe that it was not the lighting of the sun or else my eyes would have stayed the same. But who knows. Maybe I’m just crazy XD

  4. Moonlight says:

    Forgot to mention something again. I heal quite quickly and rarely get sick or get a cold. When I am sick or something it doesn’t lasts more than like 5 hours. Also I can withstand cold temperatures. I useless never where a jacket and I live where it snows lol.

  5. Moonlight says:

    But keep in mind I could just me a very weird, unnatural human being XD

  6. Mira says:

    Hi Wolfy how’s things

    • Wolfy says:

      @mira good thanks, I’m really looking forward to the next full moon because every full moon the pack meets up on the moors and we go hunting this is the first time I will be able to join in since I have had my first shift but I will probably be not getting any meat whatsoever because I’m the small in the pack:(

  7. Luna says:

    @Wolfy lucky no pack wants me because I’m blind in my left eye.

  8. wolfy says:

    @luna when you said you want to know how to shift just talk to your parents about it also my pack is my dads side of the family because hes the werewolf and my mums human but there is a pack that will take you in and that is your family lol

  9. Lupe says:

    Ignoring posts..

    @Wolfy: By that I meant that I found an argument against your statement of “I am a werewolf.” However, I would like to apologize because it appears I keep holding a grudge over you. I will be honest and say that every day I tell myself.. I won’t choose bad, I won’t hold a grudge, I will do good and spread light to all.

    But I have been doing an awful job at it. Maybe I will do better? I already fought that prideful piece in my heart that held me down, but I keep staying at that place because I am afraid to improve.

    I will be honest and say that I still do not believe you. If you wish to know why, perhaps I could let you know and we could settle this like mature people. I cannot believe that I keep giving people chances, but I guess that one personality quiz was right, “Would rather see the good in people.”

    I know why I keep holding a grudge against people who I don’t exactly see as “real” and as “fake.” It’s because I still haven’t moved on from that Lycanhope incident. Because I am afraid of being a fake, therefore I force myself to see myself through the most logical viewpoint I could possibly have. Because I am afraid of being tricked and misled, just as I was back then.. that is why I find myself compulsively disproving people.

    A recent discovery has brought me to conclude that there are better ways to bring the truth onto this website that don’t involve holding grudges and hatred. I have a hatred for lies, and that might never disappear.

    But I need to learn, as a Christian, to love people, despite what I hate about them.

  10. Wolfy says:

    @lupe ok thanks for not holding a grudge also I want to settle this disagreement so please tell me why
    So then we can finally get back to being friends

  11. Wolfy says:

    @lupe could you please tell me a bit more about this lycanhope incident?

    • xxAryaxx says:

      Uh hey. I’m confused about something and i was wondering if you or anyone else reading this could please possibly help??
      So three years ago I met this girl (Let’s just call her Thalia) and she was/is beautiful and smart and amazing and kind. But ever since I met her I became kind of paranoid that something would happen to her and I wanted to be her protector. I kind of imprinted her kind of like in Twilight minus the love bit. Is it possible to somehow imprint on someone while being human?
      Its been 3 years and I still want to protect her. Its very hard to explain this sorry.

  12. Mira says:

    @wolfy it’s always good to be with your pack.

    @lupe don’t you think that conversation has gone on long enough I think Wolfy gets your point of you not believing him, been going on for ages. You don’t have to believe but there’s no way you will ever find out

  13. Wolfy says:

    @Lupe I know you don’t believe me and and I understand that but I have I think that Luna might not be a real shifter.
    @luna this is only what I think from what you have said so far but my opinion can change.
    @ Mira that for helping me out man

    • Mira says:

      @wolfy no problem, but it’s true whether you are or not we will never know same with everyone. I told you I’m a shifter but you’ll never know to believe that or not no point arguing about it

  14. Wolfy says:

    @luna are you Evaluna?

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