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  1. Lupe says:

    @Evaluna: He does make a good point though. I highly doubt they are all evil, and even IF there are more sightings of them, and even IF a certain specific group ends up harming other humans, that does not at ALL constitute evil for the entirety of “supernatural creatures.” Everyone is individual, and since these people are also humans (though possess traits that aren’t really normal for humans) they work in a similar way humans do. I highly doubt the entire population of supernatural creatures are inherently “evil.” To say that is stereotypical and does not imply the truth.

    In the story of Job, as you described, God gave Lucifer permission to take everything Job had. When I think about this, and with what was said, I can assume that God has dominion over Lucifer. As part of his ultimate plan, he keeps Lucifer alive until the end. Even so, the only powers that he has is given by God. God created all angels, including Lucifer. Whatever power God gives, he’s able to take away. If God gave Lucifer the power to take away everything from Job and give diseases, this means that God “allowed” him to have these abilities for this specific purpose. Notice how God doesn’t say HUMANS, but says JOB. This makes me feel as though if Lucifer were ever to have this kind of power, God had to have allowed it for a purpose. If God can give this sort of power to others, wouldn’t this mean he could also create supernatural creatures himself? Thinking about it: Angels are considered supernatural, and Demons are just fallen Angels. God created Angels, which is evident proof that God can create supernatural creatures. Wouldn’t it make sense he could bestow some sort of supernatural gift, or even so create some other kind of supernatural creature for the purpose of his will?

    This also makes me think: Lucifer must be powerless compared to God if God can just “allow” him to do certain things, otherwise he cannot do them. All things are possible through Christ for who believe in him. All things are possible with God. Surely, it is possible that, by God, some form of supernatural creature is created which is good. I refuse to believe they are all evil, because this does not seem true to me.

  2. Jack says:

    Exactly which makes me think that if Lucifer even did have the power to.make these creatures god wouldn’t let them come here unless he had some controle over them or they had free will but I really doubt that Lucifer could make other beings concidering as Lupe said god made him.

  3. Zale says:

    Smh god topic wonder whats going on this time around

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