“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Remus says:

    @Lupe NP just saying what I could easily see your fursona being

  2. Lupe says:

    @EmCWolf: I wish you luck catching up on your classes! ^.^ I’m going into the army.

    @Iragnas: Thx for the support! I hope your having a great day (quasi-good at the very least)

    @Rogue; Remus: I’m just thankful for your input, which had helped.

  3. EmCWolf says:

    @Lupe That’s awesome 😀 I plan to go into the Air Force as an officer once I get my bachelor’s degree. I did pretty great on the AFOQT so I think I’ll do well ^.^

    @Iragnas Good to see you back, I hope you’re doing well

  4. MagChhasllas Iragnas WolIr says:

    I have a lot to do, and more to think about, so I will not be as available to talk to.

    • MagChhasllas Iragnas WolIr says:

      “Know it sounds funny but, I just can’t stand the pain
      Girl, I’m leaving you tomorrow
      Seems to me girl you know I’ve done all I can
      You see I begged, stole, and I borrowed (yeah)
      Oh that’s why I’m easy
      I’m easy like Sunday morning yeah
      That’s why I’m easy
      I’m easy like Sunday morning
      I wanna be high, so high
      I wanna be free to know the things I do are right
      I wanna be free
      Just me whoa, oh babe
      Oh that’s why I’m easy
      I’m easy like Sunday morning, yeah
      That’s why I’m easy
      I’m easy like Sunday morning.” Easy Like Sunday Morning- By Lionel Richie

  5. Remus says:

    @Lupe you don’t need to thank me

  6. Lupe says:

    @EmCWolf: Good luck on your bachelor’s degree ^.^

    @Iragnas: Interesting song.. see you later

    @Remus: Yeah, I think you have a point.. I should thank Rogue for helping, but thank you anyways for sticking around on this website this long.

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