“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. C says:

    And I don’t see anyone saying this site is just for fun but if one of us did I’m sorry and really didn’t mean to say something like that but don’t believe I said that and honestly legions I’m sorry I was rude to you because of my bad day but that doesn’t make it ok for you to talk to sherlupe like that when he didn’t do anything besides tell us the truth and again I’m sincerely sorry to anyone we might have offended

  2. Legions says:

    Again. Freedom if speech. I believe I went over this previously.

  3. Legions says:

    Talking about.
    “Wanting” to become a beast. As I said. Not knowing of ones self and wanting to he something their not. Maybe an escape per se.
    Is utterly delusional and foolish. Clearly you people don’t think out the consequences of actions.
    Like. “Whitewolf” and his “Hunting”, “On a Documentary” story.

    “Hellhound aka Sherlupe” and his delusions over being another person. A much more aggressive person and having a quarrel with himself in the process.
    Anything. Veriumel, Danny, EmCwolf, Jared R. Wolf. Willow. Evaluna,
    Has gone through. During your
    “YEARS” of wasting time.
    Talking about.. Joining a “Pack”
    Having supernatural abilities.
    Its. All. Fake. Not real. Some of you. Are foolish liars.
    And Lupe for years you have been wasting your time YEARS. On and off this sight talking to these “Liars” about abilites they do not possess. And. Its. Foolish. Idiotic.
    And disappointing.
    This is a site to further discuss the topic of werewolfs.
    Your beliefs on their exsistance.
    Not to lie about what you are and what abilities you possess in being so.
    Disappointing it is.

  4. Legions says:

    Just because you been here a few “Years” you talk about “What this site is meant for”
    Wake up.

  5. C says:

    Ok legions I understand your frustrations and that you have freedom of speech but somethings are better left unsaid and I get that theirs a natural order to things and some of the things said don’t fall into your idea of that but than again dose anyone even know what the natural order is I mean theirs still a huge percentage of the world untouched by man and we continue to find new species every day so I don’t care if your upset at this site or whatever it is your mad about but is it so hard to believe something you consider fake or even extinct couldn’t be real? And look I get this whole skepticism thing everyone is skeptical about something and it’s not like we’re expecting everything that we talk about to be true or factual because nothing is ever set in stone but if you would ask yourself where that kid who wanted to be a superhero, or even president went and then Maybe you’ll understand why talking about things like this is understandable and ok it’s not like we’re expecting anyone to really be a werewolf but the idea of something like that out their something besides us that seems impossible but isn’t is pretty cool but again if you choose not to believe in something that may seem impossible than you’d never have anything to look forward to i mean hell if that was the case we wouldn’t have phones of computers we wouldn’t even have electricity because no one would have thought it was possible and I get that you can do what you want but I hope you choose to at least take something I said into consideration

  6. C says:

    And by the way I’m not saying that any of the people on here are not telling the truth because you never know and I’m not trying to be rude I’m just trying to make a point even if it sounds stupid to some of you

  7. C says:

    Oh and furthermore sherlupe may have been on here for years but he’s here because he cares and has a open mind and he’s helped a lot of people on here wether anyone knows it or not so out of all the people you’ve dissed on this site for no reason I feel you should say sorry at least I can understand being mad at me after all I did start this mess but those people did nothing to you and they don’t deserve that .

  8. C says:

    And you talked about hiding be hind our names and everything well you know what I don’t want to hid behind my name and never did so how’s this my name is Kathryn

  9. Legions says:

    Whether how you put it. It was all a waste of time. And no ma’am. I don’t think being a werewolf is cool, Astonishing, or praise worthy. As I said. The topic of the exsistance of their pitiful mythological species. Possibly. Because as you said
    Their exsistance is unknown.
    And No. I will not apologize to a man/woman whatever
    Who has been wasting his/her time on this sight for the past few years “Helping” liars who can’t decide what they are or who they are.
    Believing you are a beast of some sort is delusional. Whether chimera. Skin walker. Demon or hound of any sort. Is rather delusional as said. Although. I do believe their can be guardians who take on the form of an animal of some sort. As it to be said in legend although like werewolves these guardian angels.. Protectors ect. Are mostly lore and myth and are questionable of their exsistance.
    And like werewolves believing you are one.. Is ridiculous.
    I will also not apologize to the names I have mentioned hence your suggestion was put to no use and as said again. A waste of time. Im merely speaking my mind and what should be left unsaid can be said if I do choose to do so. So who cares.

  10. Sherlupe says:

    You know, I suppose you’re right, @Legions. I did waste my time the first year on this site. I truly was a dillusional mess lol. If anything, things such as the “supernatural” sounds quite silly, and it’s astonishing what people would believe. If anything, I also agree that everyone has freedom of speech. The way I see it, we naturally have this “freedom,” so it’s more nature than anything. So, feel free to tell me everything you think about the topics you’ve mentioned before:

    1: Dillusions of Werewolves
    2: My wasting of time
    3: Freedom of Speech
    4: The Purpose of this site
    5: Anything I haven’t mentioned.

    And don’t hold a thing back, since you have that freedom after all. If you feel a certain way, both me and @C will listen to it, and seek to understand why you feel this way.

    One thing, I kinda thought Hellhound was a cool name lol

    @C: Before I reply, I have a busy schedule so I’ll message a reply to you later.

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