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  1. Ti says:

    Much appreciated anonymous. Blackburn is only 20 minutes from me and probably closer then reddish.

    Do your friends have a group who hang out etc are they shape shifters or just into the supernatural side of things, I’m new to all this but could do with some real guidance and knowledge.

  2. Predaking says:

    Hello I used to come to this site a while back

  3. hey i like to be a vampire

  4. Anonymous says:

    To Ti my friends in Blackburn are werewolves along with myself so as to joining their pack you would have to be a werewolf but if you are just a shifter than the closest one is reddish so if your a werewolf we can definitely get you the connections and contacts you need but if your just a shifter and you wanna join the group in reddish it’s definitely a good group and the closest to you

  5. Wolfy says:

    @Ti hi welcome to the chat I recommend not going to the place that anonymous said you don’t know what it could be like just don’t go places people on the internet tell you to go
    Also three questions:
    1. When you say shape-shifters that covers a wide variety of different species so I’m assuming you mean werewolves
    2. Why do you need a pack/group because you should already have someone in your family that’s a werewolf because how would you get the gene otherwise.
    3. You can ask your questions to me if you want and i’ll Try and answer them best I can.

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