“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Sky says:

    See it’s weird to me when people say their alone and without council because theirs at least one council in every town some may not be so big but their their and honestly I don’t understand how they could feel lonely because for them to even be a werewolf they have to have at least one other family member who is one too just saying

    • Lupe says:

      I somehow doubt there’s a “council” in every town. It’s possible there are those which do not hold a council. I feel you may be overlooking the aspect of individuality – that everyone has a different experience and will think differently. Some “werewolves” may choose not to join any councils, while others may not have heard about a council and choose not to tell anyone about themself. Also, that is by looking at this as a strictly “genetic” thing, and not necessarily observing the psychological aspect of a “werewolf.”

  2. Sky says:

    And sorry about my punctuation and certain spelling on words I’m not used to writing in English I don’t go to a regular school I’m on a reservation school it’s different and we write in ancient Anglo Saxon so punctuation isn’t really used mostly because it wasn’t invented during the time of this script

  3. Moonlight says:

    Guys i need your help. Its my friend, abby. She claims to have a demon among her named lilly. Lillys a demon and was abbys best friend when she was younger but abby thought it was just an imaginary friend. Lilly is a part of her now. Kinda like posses her. Apperently lilly comes out at times and does things that abby cant control. Either abby just wants attention, has a spliy personality disorder, or shes telling the truth. If she is telling the truth, i need some help. Ive preformed some spells in the past but i may need some witches to help me preform a spell.

  4. Sky says:

    Well moonlight if your friend is actually possessed by a demon as she claims than the only magic that would work on such a thing would be light magic so if your actually a witch you should have a family spell book or have some access to a spell book or something so look for a light magic spell that has been used to vanquish a creature of dark magic and try them until it works and I’d advise you to have a healing spell on hand Incase it hurts your friend so I hope this helps out I can’t really help in any other way I’m not a witch or warlock I’m a werewolf but I’ve seen certain cases like this and they all used light magic to get rid of the demon oh and also make sure theirs no one else around Incase it doesn’t get vanquished and just leaves the host in which case it would try to attach to another host quickly it won’t survive for long without one if it’s been attached to one for so long

  5. Sky says:

    And sorry it took so long for someone to answer you no ones been on for about a week now

  6. Moonlight says:

    Its fine thanks, but im not a witch. Like i said, ive preformed spells in the past but few actually “worked” im simply a mortal whos trying her best

  7. Lupe says:

    I will be conducting research on how mental shifting works. I am not asking for information, nor do I need an explanation. I am giving an update on where my research is headed towards.

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