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  1. Scherocko says:

    Can someone help me with knowing what age I’ll turn?

  2. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    better…. wht about u @wolfy

  3. Jace says:

    So *clears throat anyone looking to let me contract the virus

  4. Wolfy says:

    @alvy yea I’m ok
    @scherocko normally it’s like 12 to 16 I think but it can be earlier or later depending on person.
    @jace First no it’s not a virus secondly you can’t become a werewolf

  5. Sherlupe says:

    I’m writing a story with the idea of a “werewolf virus.” Unfortunately, it’s hard to see it actually changing a person into a wolf. Being a virus, it can have some affects. These include:

    • Loss of energy
    • Fevers
    • Memory lapses/blackouts

    and more. I’m thinking that the virus slowly takes over your body, feeding off your energy and causing you to require more food to sustain yourself. I’m thinking it would also effect your mind by giving you “phantom shifts” which are where you feel like you’re transforming but you’re not actually doing so. Another idea is: the exact light of a full moon, with knowledge of being under the full moon’s light, would cause the virus to do something to you, but I’m still debating on what it should be.

    Should I,

    A: Scrap the idea of making it scientific, and say it makes you into a full wolf?

    B: Have the virus be able to control your body’s proteins and enzymes, allowing some effects similar to werewolfism, while retaining the human form?

    • Sherlupe says:

      Proteins and enzymes aren’t the only things it could affect, I’m more or less going for a virus that affects the body’s functions, allowing for an increase in body hair growth.

      Skin and eyes both have melanin, and hair/fur is just dead skin cells, so I’m thinking the virus causes an increase in hair growth, resulting in changes in eye color as the melanin in your body is used for extra fur. Logically, the eyes don’t have nearly enough melanin to cause an effective change, so the fur must come from other places.. this is why I had the idea that you’d crave foods and nutrients that has all that you need to create melanin in your body. Further research is required, but I’m wondering what you guys have to say about these ideas?

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